The What’s What Of Men’s Fitness

by Nikolai Nikitenko January 03, 2018 3 Comments

The What’s What Of Men’s Fitness

The What’s What of Men’s Fitness

Ever thought of getting a cut, well-toned body without the hassle of laboring at the local gym? You may be looking in the right direction! Supplements are the new black! From those improving your health to those vital vitamins, we’ve got all covered in this blog post. And, for better instruction, we even include an in-depth guide on which vitamins you should take daily and when. We hope to help you not only develop a body that puts all Olympic swimmers to shame but also revitalize your lifestyle with these supplements and lead a healthier than before life.


Now, let's unveil the curtain on the list of major supplements required:


  1. Proteins

Let's face facts: our body is made up of proteins and all the muscles that we men like to flex now and then are nothing but protein. So, it only makes sense for us to incorporate a more protein-rich diet with loads of fatty acids and healthy glycerol that helps us develop muscle mass in the purely natural way. Foods that scream the word “PROTEIN” from a mile away are seafood (containing fish oil), all dairy products (milk, eggs, cream etc.), beans and, most importantly, white meat (chicken, fish, duck etc.).

We must not consume any other variant of meat except white meat if we are to make or even retain our muscle toned body. White meat is suggested by nutritionists all over the globe due to its fewer calorie intake which not only helps you better control the calories you consume but increases the health quality of your food as it contains much less fat. Also, if you face an injury, proteins help make a much, much faster recovery possible.



  1. Vitamins

Even though all vitamins are necessary and recommend if one is to maintain a healthy living, still, vitamins like D, B12, A, C and E (all intoxicants) and K. Vitamin D is especially recommended for older men as it helps them produce more testosterone, maintain strong bones and control blood and cholesterol levels. Increased testosterone production helps men fight infertility, and all men must maintain strong bones as the body stops absorbing calcium after the age of 30, and so men must consume Vitamin D to help their bone structure. Then, we have vitamin B12 which, according to a Harvard Medical School Study, most men have a good intake of but the problem lies in men not being able to absorb the B12 fully. It’s often because of acid-backing drugs that cause a hinderance in the absorption of vitamin B12 which, in result causes extreme fatigue and, in end-results, pernicious anaemia. Vitamins A, C and E (ACE), help us not only repair any damaged muscle tissue but also help in bodybuilding and is a suitable replacement for heavy gymming. A diet full of these vitamins will not only help us men reenergize our lifestyle but will also bulk up our bodies to make room for more muscle mass.


  1. Probiotics

These are supplements which stimulate the growth of the healthy bacteria in our bodies to help us function better. They not only improve our immune system and make us more resistant to diseases but also improve the functional conditions of our gut (the entire digestive track). These probiotics can be found in yogurt, fermented or unfermented milk, miso, tempeh, and some juices and soy beverages. They are perfectly natural and a suitable supplement for men’s bodies to help them revamp their dietary decisions.


  1. Creatinine

It is a nitrogenous organic acid that serves as the “energy currency” of the cell, primarily in muscle and brain tissue. So, as just said, creatinine helps us reuse our muscles and help in providing immense energy for us to function throughout the day. Creatinine is mostly used by bodybuilder, athletes, swimmers and sprinters, but it can be consumed with the usual research by almost everyone as it helps keep fit and healthy. Very few people have displayed tendencies of being allergic to creatinine. Still, the general population can take full advantage of this as it’s recommended by a lot of gym freaks throughout the world.


  1. Cinnamon

This spice helps in anti oxidation of our body which not only helps prevent and lower the chances of any disease spreading but also is suggested by beauticians throughout as it provides us with a shield against aging. Our body is kept younger on the inside and on the outside if we have an ample consumption of cinnamon in our diet. This useful spice can also be the catalyst for increasing insulin sensitivity and thus creating a better storage of fats in our body. As suggested by many nutritionists, 1g (about 1/2 a teaspoon if adding your own) daily is enough for our body to experience all the above-listed benefits.


And so, all men must make it a habit to include the above-listed supplements in their diets with proper directions from their doctors about the exact amount their bodies needs. Also, by discussing their medical conditions with their doctors and what healthy change do they want to bring in their lives, men should try and incorporate all nutritional supplements for health, both and organic and inorganic if they are to lead a better and improved lifestyle. These supplements are bound to help you increase your health and, as men have to struggle in the outside world, they help in reducing the stress factor of the tedious jobs and workload that comes with men’s jobs. Especially creatinine helps in this department as it provides us with extra energy that helps men functional better at jobs and for the body to carry out its bodily functions in a much, much-enhanced way than before. Thus, all men reading this are strongly advised to include in their diets any and all of the aforementioned supplements if they are to finally live a better and more refreshed lifestyle than before. Such is the importance of supplements in our life.

Nikolai Nikitenko
Nikolai Nikitenko


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Had so many issues with my gut. Doctor made me take a ton of probiotics. So much better.


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