Rockfish Recipe: The Secret on Your Plate

by Nikolai Nikitenko January 16, 2017

Rockfish Recipe: The Secret on Your Plate


Something Different

Rockfish is underrated.  In the culinary world, it doesn't get as much attention as salmon, cod, or halibut.  However, it is just as versatile and flavorful as its more famous and flashy cousins.  There's some diversity within the rockfish species, including the yelloweye, dusky, and black rockfish, though they are all delicious.  Due to their unique swim bladder, catching rockfish can be tricky, which is likely why they're not as well-known as they should be.  Some care needs to be taken in the fishing location and how deep the fishermen go, but once they catch and process the fish, it's not hard to see why Alaskan rockfish is gaining popularity.


Where to Find Rockfish

Since most American fish markets don't regularly carry this type of seafood, it may be hard to find it fresh.  If your market does have it, you can ask your fishmonger to fillet rockfish for you, or select pre-cut fillets from the case.  Fish spoils quickly, so be sure to check it for freshness – no strong odors and be sure the flesh is firm.  It's much easier to simply purchase your rockfish frozen from a reputable source, however.  They will have caught it fresh, processed it immediately, and frozen it right away to lock in that freshness you want.


What to Do With Rockfish

Part of the fun of cooking with rockfish fillets is the ease of cooking and the ability of this fish to absorb the flavors of sauces and spices.  With firm flesh and a mild taste of its own, a nice rockfish fillet is just waiting for you to try something new.  Be brave!

  • Try something spicy: peppers, salsa, and lime
  • Try something sweet: brown sugar or honey
  • Pair with crab, shrimp, and several types of rockfish and have a rockfish seafood feast.
  • Rockfish is excellent fried, either battered or not.
  • Grill rockfish with zucchini and mushrooms
  • Rockfish recipe

Share the Secret

Now that you know the well-kept secret of rockfish, why not grab some from us and try a new recipe?  Your friends and family will be surprised, and you can be proud knowing you helped them find a new favorite fish.  Check out our selection of rockfish and other great seafood.  Everything is backed by our money-back guarantee!


Nikolai Nikitenko
Nikolai Nikitenko


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