Top 5 Dishes To Try For New Years!

Top 5 Dishes To Try For New Years!

by Nikolai Nikitenko December 27, 2016

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Christmas Seafood recipes

Christmas Seafood recipes

by Nikolai Nikitenko December 14, 2016

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Great holiday dishes

The holidays are a time of celebration, togetherness, and love. Most of us celebrate these special times of year with feasts or special meals with holiday recipes, and it truly is a great way to show how much your loved ones mean to you. Unfortunately, a lot of traditional holiday meals are packed with fat or sodium or way too much of all the things that contribute to an expanding waistline or unhealthy habits. But there is a solution to traditional holiday meal ideas! If you're getting tired of the same old classic foods, or you're ready to add healthier options without losing flavor, now is a good time to try these awesome, unusual, and healthier alternatives in your next feast!

Start with seafood

We know … we're a seafood company, so you might feel that our suggestion to add more seafood is just so we can sell more seafood to you. While it would be great if you decided to purchase from us, that's not what this article is about! The health benefits of seafood have been well documented, and doctors and nutritionists around the world agree that seafood is incredible for our bodies. It's not often health professionals agree so much on one subject, so you know this has to be true! Seafood is a fun, yummy, and healthy way to add lean, high-quality protein to your diet, all without sacrificing taste. This nutritional powerhouse has been linked to better brain development and function, healthier heart and cardiovascular function, lowering risk of heart-attacks and heart disease, helping to lower obesity rates and depression symptoms, and preventing strokes, just to name a few.

Some seafood benefits:

  • high in protein
  • excellent source of dietary vitamin D
  • world's greatest source of Omega-3 fatty acids
  • source of iodine
  • low in fat

Why seafood?

In addition to the myriad health benefits of seafood, it is also known for its rich flavor and quick preparation. It is suitable for most types of meat-friendly diets, including low fat, low carb, and paleo. Recipes with fish are usually very easy to adjust for specific dietary needs, and the flavors don't suffer when you need to exclude certain elements to meet your dietary needs. Some fish has a strong flavor, suitable to rich and hearty sauces or stews, while others have very mild flavors that blend well with a wider variety of light herbs and spices. It goes great with spicy, savory, and sweet flavor profiles, so there's plenty of room to explore and experiment! Seafood is an excellent choice for all meals and snacks, and even leftovers can be transformed into something new and mouthwatering with a little creativity. That's a good thing for sure when you're talking about a typical holiday feast!

Our best holiday recipes

Our best holiday recipes aren't just for dinner. We have a little something for every meal, and the best part is that these recipes are easy to adjust to help make them your own. We think you'll find a lot of great ideas here, and we hope that they become a popular part of your yearly holiday feasts.

Holiday dinner ideas include things like whole-roasted fish with lemon and herbs, Sicilian fish stew for those cold winter nights, smokey shrimp and grits for a great and filling breakfast or lunch, baked salmon, black cod with white wine and lemon, and various crab dishes. It's easy to see how these dishes could become the star of any holiday event!

Tell us what you think!

Do you have a favorite holiday dish that features seafood? We'd love to hear your holiday menu ideas. Global Seafoods is proud to provide more than affordable, top-quality seafood. We're happy to help our customers and site visitors reap all the benefits of healthy, delicious seafood with our blog and recipe collection and years of experience and top-notch customer service. We're more than a seafood store—we're advocates for healthier eating and sustainable seafood harvests, including recipes and tips for all your holiday events! Have you tried any of our recipes? Have an idea or suggestion for a new blog or recipe you'd like to see here? We'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to leave a comment or send an email.