How to cook scallops

Just because you see scallops often smothered in high-fat, rich cream sauces or as a part of a calorie-heavy meal doesn't mean scallops themselves are bad for you. In fact, like most seafood, they are very nutritious! Scallops are a healthy, delectable mollusk similar to oysters, though they have a texture a lot like white fish. They are generally on the sweeter side, and go well with other sweet flavors and some spicy elements, too. It's important not to overwhelm the delicate and mild flavor of scallops, so careful use of herbs and spices is suggested in most scallop recipes. Often served as an appetizer, scallops do well broiled, baked, fried, sauteed, and pan seared, though it's up to individual opinion which is the best way. They do well with or without sauce, and each dish will have its own high points. As long as you respect the delicate and natural flavors of the scallop, you won't be disappointed.

Scallop dishes to delight

The internet is full of delicious easy scallop recipes, but we feel our Alaskan scallop bacon wrapped sliders are simply divine. With a prep time of fifteen minutes and a cooking time of just ten minutes, it's hard to go wrong with these bacon-wrapped bites. That said, other sea scallop recipes have their good points too, so why limit yourself? Learning how to prepare scallops is much easier than you may think, so read on for more information!

Health benefits of scallops

You'll hear us talking a lot about why seafood is great for you, but it's not just us. Doctors and nutritionists agree that seafood is a great choice for most people to eat healthier. Scallops are more than eighty percent protein, meaning they pack a wicked punch of nutrition in a very small package. A three ounce serving (usually an appetizer) is approximately twenty grams of protein and a mere ninety-five calories. Selenium, choline, iodine … there's just so much goodness here. Add magnesium and potassium to their list of healthy traits and you're truly hitting the health marks.

Fresh or frozen?

Certainly fresh scallops are delicious, and if you're lucky enough to live near a scallop harvesting area, you're probably already well-versed in how to make something amazing with these little sea gems. However, there's no need to worry if you're not near a source of fresh scallops. Using frozen scallops in your next seafood dish will result in just as much flavor and health benefits.

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