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Pacific Cod Dinner

March 20, 2016

Pacific Cod Fillets

Pacific Cod Dinner

One of the best things about Pacific cod is that you can use it to make a quick and easy dinner, especially during the busy work week. Just get a fillet of this white fish, cook it however you like, and in minutes, you can tuck in with a glass of wine. You can find wild-caught Alaskan Pacific cod easier than the Atlantic species. You can buy them filleted and frozen. Pacific cod’s flesh is firmer than that of other white fish. The sustainability and versatility of this fish have made it a popular ingredient in myriad cuisines. Its high moisture content makes it easier to prepare and cook than the Atlantic variety.


Pacific Cod Nutrition

This species of fish is not only packed with a mild, Pacific cod taste. It’s also loaded with nutrients. Wild Pacific cod is a healthy source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein. You can get vitamin D and vitamin A from cod liver oil. Studies show that with four servings of Alaskan Pacific cod each month, your cholesterol and blood pressure will lower significantly. Each 100-gram serving of this fish has just 82 calories, which is much better than a piece of steak.

The Steaming Technique

Compared to braising, stewing, or poaching, steaming uses a higher temperature. Steam starts to form when water heats above 212 degrees Fahrenheit. When you steam food, you don’t touch the ingredients after you place them in the steamer. This is advantageous because you don’t get mushy components in your dish when you steam. Steaming is a gentle cooking process ideal for cooking delicate ingredients, such as seafood. Because of the high temperature involved, steaming cooks food more rapidly without losing the nutrients.


During steaming, the temperature rises. As it goes above its natural temperature, pressure builds up. Higher pressure, hotter steam. You should use a steamer, which is specially built to withstand both pressure and heat as it cooks your food.

Using Steam in this Recipe

You can steam your food on your regular stovetop with just a bamboo steamer and a large deep wok. You then place your ingredients in the basket, which needs to hang in the pot, above some simmering water. After covering the pot, the steam does its job. Remember not to let the steaming basket touch the water. This will cause too much moisture to settle on the ingredients.

When cooking vegetables, always remember that they should not be left to steam for very long. If the vegetables are steamed too much, they become dark-colored and bland.

It was mentioned earlier that steaming is an ideal cooking method for delicate ingredients, such as fish. Are you familiar with how to steam fish in a steamer? You can simmer herbs, wine, or broth to produce flavored steam. The moisture inside the steamer will keep the fish juicy, tender, and intact.


Pacific Cod Dinner Recipe     

I was rummaging through my old trunk in the attic and underneath an old bamboo steamer was my grandmother’s pocket notebook of recipes. She was part Chinese, so when she cooked for us, it was always authentic Chinese techniques using American ingredients. I flipped through the pages and there it was, the Pacific cod recipe I loved as a kid. I wanted to serve it for dinner that night, so I took the bamboo steamer and the notebook downstairs and off I went to gather ingredients. I hope you love this recipe as much as my family does.


What You Need

2 Alaskan Pacific cod fillets

Lettuce leaves


Lemon slices


A medium bamboo steamer

A large, deep wok

How You Make It

Get a deep wok and place about an inch of clean water or seasoned liquid in it.

In the compartments of your bamboo steamer, layer the lettuce leaves, herbs, and lemon slices. Make sure not to leave enough gaps uncovered so that steam could flow through them.

Take your frozen Pacific cod fillets and place them under running water first. This will remove the ice glaze that formed on the flesh.

Place the fillets on the bed of vegetables.

Cover the steamer loosely to allow steam to escape.

Allow the fish to steam for 5 to 7 minutes.

To test the doneness of the cod, take a small knife and slide its tip across the thickest part of the fillet. Pull slightly to see the inner part of the fillet.

If the fillets are translucent, they are done.

Lift each fillet with the bed of vegetables and place them on a serving plate.

Enjoy this healthy steamed fish recipe while it’s still hot.


Pacific Cod


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