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Antarctic Krill Oil

Antarctic Krill Oil

NativePath Antarctic Krill Oil With Omega-3 - 500mg (90 capsules) Free Shipping

Benefits of Omega-3 Krill Oil

Our bodies have evolved to require certain nutrients to function at maximum efficiency and keep us healthy.  Omega-3 fish oil contains plenty of DHA and EPA oils which are major essentials for your health.  Many people in the US do not get enough Omega-3 in their diet, which is a shame because of the nutritional benefits of taking it as a supplement.  Fish oil is known to naturally reduce inflammation, and as a result can be effective at reducing the chances of diabetes, cancer, auto-immune illnesses such as asthma, arthritis, or lupus, and can reduce the frequency and intensity of allergic reactions.  Antarctic krill oil supplements can also help in keeping your eyes, skin, and hair healthy and youthful. Krill oil is also very important in keeping your cognitive function at its peak performance, since Omega-3 is the best nutrient for feeding your brain! This is especially true in unborn fetuses who are still developing their brains in their mother’s wombs. There are so many positive effects of Omega-3 that the only remaining question is why you don’t buy Antarctic krill oil!


Why Choose A Krill Oil Supplement?


When we think of krill we usually think of the tiny shrimp that baleen whales eat along with zooplankton, which doesn’t bring much of an appetizing thought. Yet krill is one of the best types of seafood to use for a omega fish oil supplement. Krill fisheries are known to be very clean, sustainable, and use only natural ingredients in their processing of the fish oil. You wouldn’t want an inferior vitamin! Don’t choose an inferior fish oil! Antarctic omega-3 krill oil is known to be a powerful nutrient that helps control your blood sugar levels. This is a very important feature for those who live with diabetes, as it can naturally help reduce the amount of insulin you need to use on a daily basis. Krill oil is also a huge booster for your immune system. Krill oil is also a natural source of the less common astaxanthin, which is known to help people avoid certain serious illness, naturally reverse skin aging, and is known to help boost male fertility. With all of these additional benefits you would think that the price for krill oil would be much higher, but fortunately since krill does not have a high demand in the seafood market as other fish oil sources, this ultimately helps with bringing krill oil prices down.


Antarctic Krill Oil From NativePath


If you require some of the finest krill oil for sale, then we suggest you go with NativePath. At NativePath their goal is to provide their consumers with the finest fish oil pills on the market. Everything from sourcing to production is carefully maintained in order to guarantee the finest quality supplements on the market. NativePath uses krill for their fish oil supplement in order to reduce the strain on high demand fisheries, and due to the premium quality oil that is derived from wild Antarctic krill.



  • 500mg Per Pill
  • 90 Capsules Total
  • Wild Caught
  • 60mg EPA
  • 40mg DHA
  • 100mg Phospholipids
  • 100mcg Esterified Astaxanthin
  • Additional Ingredients: Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified Water, Ethyl Vanillin
  • 100% Sustainable
  • Contains Shellfish
  • Not Suitable For Kosher Lifestyle

Type: Fish Oil

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