Global Seafoods Rewards Program  

About Our Rewards Program

We believe at Global Seafoods that a customer should be rewarded for their loyalty and business. 

For this we have created a loyalty program that will reward our customers for not only placing purchases, but also for many other actions.

The following constitutes examples of current rewards we have available to our valued customers: 

    Refer a Friend
    If you love our seafood then you are most likely going to recommend us to your family and friends, so you might as well be rewarded for it!  Send a referral email to your acquaintances and they will recieve 10% off their first purchase!  Once they have taken advantage of their code, then you will be sent 1000 points (equal to $10 off) to be used off your next purchase as well!  Note that referrals cannot be sent to individuals who have already purchased from us before.  

    Repeat Business
    For every dollar you spend on our store, you will be rewarded!  For every dollar you will recieve 1 reward point.  During certain specials and events that reward may be multiplied!  

    Happy Birthday
    For your birthday you will recieve 200 complementary points!  You must have signed up for this one month in advance of your next birthday!

    Share on Facebook
    Share our page on your Facebook and you will recieve 100 points!  This can only be done once!

    Share on Twitter
    Share our page on your Twitter and you will receive 100 points!  This can only be done once.

    Follow And Like Us On Social Media
    Follow and Like us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you will receive 100 points for each!

    Leave A Review
    What did you think of our products?  Leave a review on our site for any products you have tried and recieve 300 points just for that!  All reviews must be for products already purchased.  Any reviews left on a product by a customer who has not purchased the product before will have their review deleted and their points deducted.  Honest reviews please!  Each customer can leave a maximum of 4 reviews every month. 

    Using Your Reward Points!
    Once you accumulate a certain amount of points you will be able to use them for a discount.  The current levels of point to discount conversion is such.

    • 600 points= $5
    • 1000 points=$10
    • 2000 points=$25
    • 3500 points=$50
    • 5000 points=$100

    To Sign Up Click Our Rewards Tab on the Bottom of the Page!

    If you have any questions about our rewards, either contact us by email at anytime or call us at our customer service number at (425) 449-3165 between the hours of 9am-6pm Pacific Standard Time and we would be happy to answer questions.