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Japanese Chef Knife 67 Layers Natural Wood

Japanese Damascus Knife

There is no doubt that the Best Knives are Damascus Steel, and the best Damascus Stainless Steel Knives come from Japan.  Any high end Japanese Damascus Knife is crafted using the ancient method of folding steel multiple time to create a highly durable and beautiful steel.  The folding does not just make it strong, but ads a beautiful wave like design to the steel that cannot be truly mimicked.  This specially made Japanese Chef Knife is made from the highest quality Damascus Stainless Steel and that will not only stay sharp and strong, but will also resist any rust or corrosion, making it easy to maintain.  At a length of 155mm, this Chef knife is a highly Versatile Cooking Knife.  Just note, that like all High Quality Knives, this knife will cut through almost anything, but it does have its limits.  Attempting to cut bone with this knife will cause damage to it. 

Japanese Master Smiths 

For many generations the master smiths of Japan have been creating the greatest steel and blades the world has ever seen.  Mastering the production of Damascus Steel has allowed the Japanese to craft the greatest swords in the world.  Katanas that have survived many generations and continue to be strong, sharp, and beautiful.  This tradition has been brought down to create the Best Japanese Chef Knife.  Using the same smithing practices, the master smiths have turned sword forging into the creation of masterful Japanese Chef Knives.  When you own a Japanese Damascus Knife you are getting many generations of masterful crafting placed into your own hand.  Created using Stainless Steel, this Damascus Kitchen knife will be aiding you in the kitchen for generations to come.  Order this Damascus Chef Knife and change your cooking forever.


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Versatile cooking knife for cutting up, filleting and preparing meat and fish.

Most versatile blade type, suitable design for cutting, slicing meats, vegetables and fishes.


Please note: this product is not suitable for chopping bones.

7.7 inch multi-purpose Japanese Chef Knife, Damascus Stainless Steel.
MADE  from 67-layer Damascus Steel imported  from Japan. VG-10 Steel cutting core; 33-layer of  Stainless Steel  SUS430&SUS431 on each side; HRC 60-62 hardness.
blade length: 195 mm
thickness: 2.2 mm.
Handle is made of pakka which is durable, non-slip, easy to clean, waterproof, bacteria-resist, comfortable, and beautiful. 
Long-lasting sharp edge designed to cut meats, vegetables  and fruit. 
Damascus pattern to  improve stain resistance and to prevent food from sticking to knife body. The tapered grinding of the blade is allowed to achieve an Extremely sharpness. The handle of the knife is provides the max control on movements with minimum efforts. Durability and good balance, combined with resistance to corrosion and elegant Damascus pattern making a knife worthy hands of professionals. Super anti rust. Dishwasher safe.
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  • Type: Knives
  • Feature: Stocked,Eco-Friendly
  • Knife Type: Japanese Chef Knives
  • Certification: FDA,CE / EU
  • Material: Damascus Steel
  • Brand Name: grandsharp
  • Model Number: DMS-018

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