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Arctic Char

Arctic Char - Salvelinus alpinus

Are you looking to buy arctic char fish? This fish is gaining popularity thanks to its use in cooking shows, and lower-cholesterol nutrition profile. Read on to learn how and where to buy this delicious seafood!

Arctic Char Calories

Arctic char is a tasty, cold-water fish traditionally caught in waters near the Arctic circle. Most Arctic char brought to market is farmed inland in Iceland, United States, and Canada. In terms of nutrition and flavor, it has a few distinct differences from its relatives.

Nutritional information (per 100g serving):

  • 22g of protein
  • 400mg of heart-healthy Omega-3, less than salmon or trout
  • 8g of fat, in between salmon and trout
  • 27mg of cholesterol, significantly less than salmon or trout
  • 182 calories
  • Good source of iron and Vitamin A, slightly more than salmon or trout

    Arctic char cooked often baked or grilled, and can be substituted in any recipe that calls for salmon or trout. The flavor is creamier than salmon, overall mild and delicate. The texture is pleasant as it provides a flakier alternative to salmon that easily grills without becoming too dry. Cooking Arctic char can also be enjoyed pan fried, smoked, poached, steamed, or fresh as sashimi.


    Where to buy Arctic Char

    This versatile seafood can be challenging to shop for, as it is relatively new in many markets. When looking to buy arctic char, many consumers decide to buy it online. Finding frozen arctic char for sale and deciding to buy it online is a convenient way to purchase fresh, quality Arctic char. The arctic char price ranges from equivalent to half as much as salmon, depending where you decide to order from and whether it is wild caught or farmed. It is a cost effective alternative to salmon or trout, by weight, and it pays to shop around before buying.
    To ensure you buy arctic char online that meets your needs, pay attention to these pointers:
    • Whole char weight is between 2-10lbs
    • Arctic char fillet weigh 2-4lbs each
    • Char may be bought in bulk or individually
    • Fresh char has a silvery, speckled body with pink to red underbelly
    • Farmed char is more eco-friendly than wild-caught salmon

    Storage of Arctic Char

    Once you receive your delivery storing arctic char is easy, and the same procedures apply whether you found arctic char online or buy it at a local market. The arctic char price will be higher if you order fillets or whole fish that have never been frozen. 
    • Fresh char should be consumed within 1-3 days
    • Fresh arctic char fillet should be kept cold
    • Fresh filets may be ice-glazed, tightly wrapped, or vacuum sealed to freeze
    • Ice-glazing is the best way to preserve flavor and texture
    • Arctic char fillets may be kept frozen up to 4 months
    • Thaw in a refrigerator or bowl of cold water

    Delivery of Arctic Char

     It is easy to buy arctic char online, but what should you expect when it comes to delivery? Always carefully check the shipping policy! Due to the perishability of fresh seafood, suppliers often have very strict rules about refunds and delivery. If you do not note the policies, you could be stuck with the cost of the shipping and product, but have nothing to show for it. While it is convenient to purchase arctic char online, there are some common things to know before placing your order:

    • Packages will be shipped using dry ice
    • Overnight or next-day shipment is most common for online purchases
    • Same-day delivery is often available for extra charge
    • Saturday delivery may be available in areas served by FedEx
    • Shipping price is determined by weight and urgency
    • Delivery is more expensive to non-mainland locations such as Hawaii, or Alaska
    • FedEx and UPS are the most common shipping partners in the United States

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