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Chum Lox Trim - 4 lbs

Chum Salmon Lox Trim - Oncorhynchus keta

Chum salmon lox trim: taste and value

This lox style smoked salmon is cold smoked keta salmon. Caught wild in the USA, its fresh taste is locked in with smoking and then it's quickly frozen. Between the cold smoked salmon process and our fast freezing, this product has an impressive shelf life, ensuring you'll have plenty of lox for many meals to come. Smaller pieces mean versatility for all kinds of appetizers and snacks, as well as tasty additions to larger meals.


  • Cold Smoked Salmon
  • 2 vacuumed packs, 2 pounds each
  • Pacific Sustainable Seafood Brand
  • Ingredients: Wild Keta Salmon, Salt, Sugar, Sodium Nitrite, FD&C #6 & Red #40, Natural Wood Smoke
  • Certified Kosher

Can you buy smoked salmon online?

You can, and should! It's a great way to save money without losing quality. Buying smoked salmon by mail order may seem odd at first, but it's actually incredibly convenient. We have the best price smoked salmon of all the online smoked salmon offers, and we can prove it. Backed by our money-back guarantee and coupled with our fast delivery to your door, you get top-quality seafood at awesome prices.

Is smoked salmon kosher? What can I use it for?

The chum lox trim for sale here is certified Kosher and comes in two packs of two pounds each. Buy chum lox trim if you're looking for smaller pieces to use as quick snacks or for use in other dishes that don't require large pieces of salmon. Keta lox trim is trimmed from larger pieces of cold-smoked salmon, but has just as much taste and nutrition as the bigger pieces. Keep in mind that smoked salmon salt content will vary.

Serving suggestions for smoked salmon

  • On bagels with cream cheese
  • In soups, salads, and pasta
  • As toppers for appetizers
  • As a quick snack

Great value

If you searched for ″smoked salmon best price″ or ″great smoked salmon″ and ended up here, we know you won't be disappointed. With our history of excellent value, buy chum lox trim online from Global Seafoods and you'll get a great product, attentive customer service, and our money-back guarantee.

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