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Coho (Silver) Salmon Fillet Portions - 10 lbs

Coho Salmon Fillet Portions - Oncorhynchus kisutch

Coho salmon fillet is famous for its silver skill and bright pink meat. Moreover, wild coho salmon is more flavorful than most of the salmon and belongs to the medium fat salmon, so it has a very nice texture, and comparing to others salmon it is incredibly healthy. And what is even more important, now we have coho salmon fillet for sale.


So here are a few details to learn before you buy coho salmon fillet with us:


  • You will receive wild caught coho salmon that comes from the waters of Alaska
  • Excellent flavor and lots of healthy minerals and nutritions;
  • Great way to receive a good portion of omega 3 oils;
  • The size per portion is 4-5 oz;
  • The weight of a package is 10 lbs;
  • Its freshness is saved with the technology of vacuum packing;
  • They are freshly quick frozen as soon as they are caught.
  • They are skin on and might contain bones.


Therefore, by ordering one package of coho salmon you receive a fresh fillet, cut for portions already, with a perfect taste that is a great treat not just for the flavor, but your body as well. So don't miss a chance to order it on sale and get a delivery straight to your home.

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