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Kodiak Seafood Sampler - 10Lbs

Rougheye Rockfish Fillets, Dover Sole Fillets, -SEBASTES ALEUTIANUS & MICROSTOMUS PACIFICUS

Not sure which of our delicious seafood you should try?  We understand, with such a selection of delicious Alaskan seafood it can be hard to make a selection, so we have created this sampler to give you a try of what we have! Get some succulent Rougheye Rockfish from the deep waters of the Bering Sea!  The classic flavors of Dover Sole Fillets will really help you understand what Alaskan seafood is all about!  With this sampler we hope that you will get a better idea of what to expect from our selection of Alaskan Seafood, especially with the special price we are offering for the entire batch!  Come get some mouth watering Alaskan Seafood!


  • 5lbs of each fish
  • Individually Quick Frozen (IQF).
  • Caught in Alaska

Type: Fish

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