Pacific Cod Headless & Gutted - 10 lbs

Pacific Cod - Gadus macrocephalus

The Pacific Cod is a massive fishery which grows every year around the world. This is due to the popularity of the fish and its very light flavor and soft flaky white meat. Pacific Cod is similar to Atlantic Cod, but has some small differences. Pacific Cod is a very popular type of fish for the ever famous Fish & Chips. Pacific Cod can be found as North as the Bering Sea. Pacific Cod can also be caught as far South as Los Angeles. This fish is often found swimming in huge schools. Due to its flavor and texture this fish can be cooked in many ways. It is delicious baked, fried, smoked and any other way you can imagine.

  • 10lb Individually Quick Frozen (IQF).
  • 0.5-1kg Headless and Gutted (H&G) while fish.
  • Global Seafoods Brand.
  • Ships in Original Poly Liner Bag.
  • Not Individually Wrapped.
  • Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certified.

Type: Fish