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Paddlefish Caviar Platinum Grade- 2oz (0.125 lbs)

Paddlefish Caviar Platinum Grade - Polyodon spathula

Paddlefish caviar, also referred to as spoonbill caviar, is known worldwide for its delicate flavor and smooth buttery texture. It's an excellent and affordable caviar for those who want to experiment with something new or those who require a classy delicacy without breaking the bank. This product is especially favored by those just learning about caviar and may not be sure if it's a product they'd enjoy. Whether you are a beginner to the caviar world or know every kind by heart, we're sure our paddlefish roe will delight your senses.

 Served at room temperature, this caviar is the perfect partner to crème fraîche and blini. It's delicious when topping a variety of unsalted crackers and breads, paired with sour cream or cream cheese, or sprinkled with minced chives, scallions or green onion. Of course, there's nothing wrong with eating this beautiful caviar right off the spoon; we know you'll be tempted to once you see it! The mild flavor and excellent price makes it the perfect roe to experiment with.

 Our top-quality American paddlefish caviar is wild caught in the northern Mississippi River and is malasol, which means lightly salted. Each tin is 2 ounces in weight and contains only the distinctive, unique greenish-gray roe and salt—never any additional preservatives or fillers.

 Your caviar will be quickly frozen and carefully packed in a sturdy Styrofoam case with dry ice to protect it during delivery and guarantee freshness upon arrival. We recommend that you store your roe slightly frozen in the refrigerator. Bring this product to room temperature before serving and your guests will be quite impressed, no matter the event.

 Our paddlefish caviar price per pound is relatively low compared to other types of caviar, however this doesn't mean it lacks in flavor or value. Rest assured that if you buy paddlefish caviar from us, you'll be receiving top-quality roe for a great price from a company with a long history of quality and excellent service.


  • Wild Caught
  • Made In The USA
  • Ingredients: Paddlefish Caviar, Salt
  • Weight: 2oz (0.125lbs)

Type: Caviar

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  • Is PADDLEFISH CAVIAR of the 2017 Season? Thanks.

    The paddlefish is always of the current season and harvest.