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Paddlefish Caviar - 4oz (0.25 lbs)

Paddlefish Caviar Platinum Grade - Polyodon spathula

Paddlefish caviar is famous throughout the world as the most appropriate type of roe for those who are not well acquainted with all of the varieties of caviar. The reason behind this is the delicate flavour of the caviar.  On top of the qualities of the caviar, the paddlefish caviar price is especially affordable, making it not such a financially frightful investment for those who are not sure whether caviar is a product that they would enjoy.


American paddlefish caviar has a specific buttery texture as well as very unique greenish gray color. It's not very salty, pretty creamy and tastes even better in a combination with creme fraiche and blini. Here are a few more facts about paddlefish caviar we sell:


  1. It is malasol, which means it is lightly salted
  2. It consists of only caviar and salt
  3. It contains no additional preservatives;
  4. It comes in 4oz tins;
  5. It is wild caught in the northern Mississippi river;
  6. It is recommended to keep it slightly frozen in the fridge, but to serve it with the room temperature;
  7. The caviar will be delivered to you in a styrofoam case with dry ice to guarantee freshness


So if you buy paddlefish caviar from us, you receive a top-quality roe for a great price, which will be perfect to serve for any event. Considering that its price per pound is relatively low comparing to other types of caviar, but the taste is no less amazing.

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