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Red Banded Rockfish Fillets - 10 lbs

Red Banded Rockfish Fillets - Sebastes babcocki 

The Red Banded Rockfish is one of the easiest of the rockfish species to identify. It has a mostly white body with thick red stripes running vertically on its sides. The Red Banded Rockfish, due to its appearance is also called the "red bandit" or "the convict". This is because fishermen would compare their appearance to the uniform of a prison convict. This fish can be found from the Oregon coast, all the way up to the Northern parts of Alaska. They are found in very deep waters, between 454-1,155 feet. They are a mostly solitary fish and are known to age up to 106 years. These factors make it very hard to fish for! There are no specific fisheries for it for this reason! Annual yield of Red Banded Rockfish is generally low. These rockfish are mostly fished for using long tines or trawlers. This rockfish has a lot of flavor.  Rockfish is very easy to cook and will hold up with any recipe you can dream of. The meat is very flaky and tender. Once cooked, the large flakes will allow you to easily remove any remaining bones. This rockfish type is so rarely found on the market, that unless you live in Alaska, Oregon or Washington, there is virtually no chance that your local grocery store has this in stock.

  • 10lb Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Pin-Bone In.
  • Vacuum Packed.
  • Global Seafoods Brand.
  • Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certified.
  • UPC: 760537089519

Collections: Fish, Rockfish

Type: Fish

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