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Russian Sturgeon Caviar

Selected Sturgeon Caviar


High-grade Made in Russia, Russian Caviar

Planning to add a little extra flair and opulence to your next party by serving Russian black caviar? You’ve come to the right place! At Global Seafoods, we offer high-grade, top-quality Russian sturgeon caviar for the ultimate caviar experience.


What is sturgeon caviar?

Sturgeon caviar is one of the most delicious, expensive, and sought-after foods in the world today and is made from the eggs of the rare sturgeon fish. The word caviar is believed to have originated from the Turkish word “havyar,” which means salted fish eggs.


The best Russian caviar you can find online

At Global Seafoods, we sell some of the best sturgeon fish caviar from Volgorechensk fisheries, a full-cycle operation established in 1975 to breed sturgeon fish and produce Siberian sturgeon caviar. At present, the Volgorechensk Fish Farm produces up to five tons of Russian black caviar every year, helped by a unique combination of Russian techniques, the latest methods of caviar production, and optimal conditions of fish farming.


The brood stock at the Volgorechensk farm is grown in cages in clean running water of the upper Volga River, which is a natural habitat for sturgeons and affects the taste of caviar and sturgeon meat in the best way. Also, unlike some other fisheries, Volgorechensk does not pasteurize its caviar. Instead, they lightly salt the Russian black caviar (3.2-3.3%) and add Varex-11, a safe preservative containing a mixture of salt and sorbic acid. They are known for following strict state and internal control processes to ensure food safety and retain the authentic taste and texture of the exquisite sturgeon fish caviar. Each product is thoroughly checked and inspected, and the storage conditions are carefully monitored throughout the entire process from production until delivery to ensure high quality and compliance with standards.


What does caviar taste like?

Good quality Russian black caviar has a slightly sweet and salty taste faintly reminiscent of the fish but with a rich, lingering aftertaste greatly appreciated by gourmet lovers across the world. When you press the caviar pearls against the roof of your mouth with your tongue, they pop open releasing the incredible flavor that leaves you craving for more.


Why is caviar so expensive?

A major reason for the comparatively high Russian black caviar price is the rarity of the sturgeon fish population. The slow-growing sturgeon fish takes 15-25 years to mature and is one of the most endangered species in the world today due to indiscriminate fishing practices and environmental pollution. As a result, wild-caught sturgeon fish caviar is heavily regulated and nearly impossible to find, and farmed Russian sturgeon caviar is the only way caviar lovers can enjoy this delicacy today.


Larger and firmer Russian black caviar is typically more expensive. The resources and expertise required for harvesting and processing sturgeon fish caviar also affect the final price.


However, you don’t have to let the black caviar price stop you from experimenting with this delicacy! At Global Seafoods, you can buy top-grade Russian sturgeon caviar in easy-to-use, convenient cans ranging from 125 grams to 500 grams. Each product has a long shelf life of up to 12 months.


How to eat caviar

Wondering how to make sturgeon caviar the best way to impress your guests? If your guest is a Russian black caviar purist, he or she may like to eat it plain. You can also serve Russian caviar with mild foods such as buttered toasts, crackers, or a stack of blinis (Russian-style pancakes) with a dollop of sour cream. Iced vodka and champagne complement the black caviar taste very well.


How to serve caviar

Always serve Russian caviar the proper way to ensure maximum taste. Use glass, bone, or mother-of-pearl utensils to ensure that the caviar pearls do not come into contact with metal.

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