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Russian Ossetra & Siberian Sturgeon Caviar Hybrid Fresh

Osstera & Siberian Sturgeon Hybrid  - Acipenser baerii & Acipenser gueldenstaedtii

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 Two of the most popular sturgeon caviars by volume sold in the world are Siberian Sturgeon and the Russian Sturgeon (aka Osstera).  Both fish species are traditional sturgeons, but are part of a different subspecies within that order.  As a result each of their caviars have a different flavor, size, & hue.  This caviar takes both species of fish, and cross breeds them to create a unique and very special caviar.

  • Farm Raised
  • Made In Italy
  • Ingredients: Siberian & Russian Sturgeon Hybrid Caviar, Salt
  • Fresh, Never Frozen.
  • Overnight Shipping Included

Customer Reviews