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Snow Crab Legs - 11 lbs

Alaskan Snow Crab Clusters - Chionoecetes bairdi

One of the factors why Alaskan snow crab legs are so valuable is that their meat is considered to be the most delicate meat of all.  We sell the most valuable type of snow crab, the bairdi snow crab.  They are the sweetest tasting of all snow crab types.

 Today you can buy snow crab legs on sale. When ordering from us, you receive snow crab clusters, caught and procesed in the Russian Federation, by the cheapest price per pound you can find online, yet the highest quality on the market. Moreover, we actually have the largest size of the crab legs you can find, which are 8 oz or larger. However, the cluster might consists about 10% of segmental leg. The crabs will be delivered by FedEx, in a package with dry ice: a precaution to keep the right temperature. It's shipping weight is 11.00 lbs.

 Other factors for the Alaskan snow crab legs’ popularity are:


  1. They are absolutely delicious - sweet and delicate at the same time;
  2. They are easy to cook on home;
  3. Easy to keep meat at home - just put it into the ice again;
  4. Snow crab legs are super good for your health

 The best snow crabs inhibit in the Bering Sea. Once the crabs are caught, they are cooked in sea salt and then are blast frozen, to keep the product’s quality high and crabs’ meat - fresh.

 See for yourself by ordering it from us right now!

Type: Crab

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