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Wahoo Fillet Portions - 10lbs

Wahoo Fillet

What is Wahoo fish?  The Wahoo, otherwise known in Hawaii as Ono, is a tropical fish that can be found worldwide in warm waters in regions such as around Hawaii, Bermuda, and other parts of the Caribbean.  Wahoo fish has a very high demand in the market due to its flavor and nutritional value.  Ono fish not only has a highly active and sustainable commercial fishery, but Wahoo fishing is also very popular among sports fishermen.  The Wahoo fish taste is often described to be similar to King Mackerel, but is known to have much less mercury than any type of mackerel.  If you are looking to have a special occasion with some unique and delicious seafood, then a wahoo grill will be a great way to impress your friends with some Hawaiian Ono!

Wahoo Recipes and Preparation

There are so many different wahoo fish recipes from many parts of the world.  Since it is known globally, there have been many great methods to preparing this great fish!  One example is a Ono poke, which would come from the beautiful land of aloha, Hawaii.  Prepare it like you would any other poke dish, but add some Wahoo Ono into the mix for a boost of flavor.  Wahoo Fish Tacos can bring a tropical feel to a classical Mexican dish.  Wahoo tacos will enhance any fish taco recipe that you already have.  Better yet, get together a great cornucopia of seafood and light up your bbq for a delicious wahoo seafood grill!  

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