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Here is a quick overview of this product: Our wild fish oil omega 3 is a natural, wild cold water fishoil extracted through the tissues of salmon, mackerel, herring, in order to make it a source of oils rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Our wildAlaskanfishoil is especially taken out from the tissues of wild, sustainable salmon fish which is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Our wild caughtfish oil is an omega 3 supplement known for the amazing health benefits that it provides; it helps in fat reduction by burning extra calories, it helps reduce LDL cholesterol which is bad for heart, helps with easy digestion, lowers inflammation in the body, relieves joint pain, improves the quality of skin, and provides support to membrane cells of the brain.Our wild fish oil price is comparatively low because we aim at cost-effectiveness for those who buy our wild fishoil.


In order to fulfill Omega 3 requirements of your body, you must consume one 1000mg capsule daily if you area an adult, but for children, the dosage must be a 500mg capsule daily. For pregnant women, wild fish oil is highly recommended to lower chances of pre-mature birth and improves the mental development of the baby. However, you must consult your physician before taking fish oil capsules.


EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) are the two most essential sources of omega 3 fatty acid that can be found in our wild fish oil. Our wild caught fish oil is pure without any added preservatives. The soft texture of capsule is due to the glycerin added in it together with gelatin which is processed from extra virgin vegetable oils. The most important nutrients include Alaskan salmon oil, and cold water fish oils from anchovy, mackerel, and sardine. Other ingredients include yeast, sugar, starch, and purified water.

Our guarantee:

The wild Alaskan fish oil capsules produced by our company meet the international quality standards of NSF and are certified. We are committed to providing fish oils that are free from contaminated toxins and chemicals, and we make sure that our oils go through a proper distillation process.


  • It must be stored in a cool place



  • Must be put away from the reach of children
  • Must be kept away from sunlight


While fish oil is highly recommended for those who become ill frequently due to less immunity but increasing the dosage beyond a certain level, have harmful consequences such as weight gain, heartburn, diarrhea, allergies, and indigestion.

Make sure you incorporate our low costomega3 rich wild fish oil to your daily routine. So, order right away to buy our wild fish oil and take benefit of our delivery. Because of health first!

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