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Yelloweye Rockfish Fillet - 10 lbs

Yelloweye Rockfish - Sebastes ruberrimus

Only One Available!
The Yelloweye Rockfish is the rarest types of sebastes to be caught in Alaska.  It does not have a direct fishery and is mostly caught as a bycatch.  That being said, Yelloweye Rockfish is known to have a great rockfish flavor and is ideal for dishes like baked fish or fish tacos.  The Yelloweye Rockfish is a red and yellow colored fish with spines on its dorsal fin.  Due to the rarity of this fish, we will only have a short supply of this special item!


  • Vacuum Packed

  • Not Individually Vacuum Packed
  • Fillets, Individually quick Frozen (IQF)
  • Pin Bone In
  • Skin On
  • 10lbs total

Type: Fish

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