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Beluga Caviar Hybrid Royal Crown Fresh

Beluga Caviar & Adriatic Sturgeon Caviar - Huso huso & Acipenser naccarii

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Beluga Sturgeon Caviar


  • Farm Raised
  • Made In Italy
  • Ingredients: Beluga & Adriatic Sturgeon Hybrid Caviar, Salt
  • Fresh, Never Frozen.
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When most people think of sturgeon caviar the first think that comes to mind is the great Sturgeon Beluga.  The Beluga (Sturgeon) is native to the Caspian & Black Sea, and is one of the largest species of sturgeon fish in the world being able to weigh over a metric ton.  For centuries, Beluga Sturgeon Fish has been considered to be the greatest of all sturgeon eggs, and this demand had created a seriously impactful fishing industry that has threatened the existence of this fish.  Today, there is nearly no legal wild Beluga fishery left in the world. 
Any remaining wild sturgeon fisheries are heavily regulated by local governments and international agencies.  Unfortunately Wild Beluga caviar smuggling is still ongoing in the Caspian & Black Sea, which in turn further threaten the existence of Beluga sturgeon in the wild.  Farms have been established throughout the world to not only meet the demands for Beluga Sturgeon Black Caviar, but to also ensure the survival of this special species of fish.  Due to their size, a single Beluga female can produce dozen of kilos of roe.  Due to its status in the wild, the United States has banned the import of all true Beluga Caviar.  As a result you cannot find pure Beluga sturgeon caviar for sale in the US.

Beluga Hybrid Caviar

Due to the endangered status of wild Beluga Sturgeons, and due to the rampant existence of a black market caviar trade, the United States has banned all sale of wild sturgeon Caviar, regardless of origin.  To meet the demand for Beluga roe, sturgeon breeders have cross bred Beluga Sturgeon with the Adriatic Sturgeon to create a hybrid species whose caviar comes closest to the qualities and taste of natural Beluga eggs.  The advantages of the hybrid species is that it can be legally sold in the United States, and since it is not pure Beluga, it does not hold the sky high price of Beluga sturgeon caviar. 

This Beluga Hybrid caviar will have luxurious ebony toned, small size roe grains and will be accompanied by a marvelous nutty flavor.  The Beluga hybrid are raised in a clean, organic environment which guarantees their health, and the quality of the eggs which is vital for the quality of caviar.  This is hands down one of the best caviars you can find on the market.  We offer our Beluga caviar in many tin sizes, including special prices per pound and per kilo.


What Is Beluga Caviar?

Beluga caviar is the caviar that comes from the Beluga Sturgeon, a species of sturgeon that is native to the Caspian and Black Seas.

Where Does Beluga Caviar Come From?

Beluga caviar comes from Beluga Sturgeon which are native to the Caspian and Black Seas.  Our Beluga Hybrid caviar comes from a fish farm in Italy.

What Does Beluga Caviar Taste Like?

Beluga caviar has a distinct nutty flavor that can be compared to other sturgeon caviars, but is significantly better and has a finer finish on the palette.

Why Is Beluga Caviar So Expensive?

It is expensive because it is very rare and has a high demand amongst caviar lovers.

 Why Is Beluga Caviar Banned?

It is only pure Beluga Caviar that is banned in the US.  Hybrid caviars are legal.  But it is banned because wild Beluga Sturgeon in the Caspian Sea and Black Seas are almost extinct and there is no way to tell the true origin of caviar, whether it is farmed, wild, or whether it has been legally harvested.

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