Live Seafood

Delicious Live Seafood From Global Seafoods

What better way to capture the taste of the sea than through live seafood? Here at Global Seafoods, we offer the best live sea food delivered fresh to your door. From live king crab for your next crab back to succulent live lobster for your next seafood boil, we have it all. We even offer geoduck, alive and fresh from the water to serve at your next event. Keep on reading to find out more about our premier seafood collection.

Why Live Seafood Tastes Better


Fresh seafood and seafood live from the sea are both healthy options for any meal. However, there is something a bit more special about seeing live crab or live oysters before they hit your plate. In addition to the novelty of preparing live lobster and other seafood, the taste is simply superior. Buying a geoduck alive is more than just a trend for social media. In actuality, fresh seafood such as live king crab, live oysters and even live fish will have a more subtle taste and muted fishy smell. Of course, all seafood lovers know that quality seafood will bring the scent of the ocean with them. However, this is a big difference between getting seafood live before you cook it and buying an old cut that has been in the grocery store for weeks.

Live Seafood is Sustainable and Ethically Sourced

Live seafood is a delight to prepare and consume. All of the fresh and live sea food at Global Seafoods is sustainable, however, our live offerings are also humanely caught. When you order live king crab, live oysters, or live lobster from us, you know that you are getting the freshest products on the market. Our company places a dedicated focus on supporting the local fisherman who brings in our geoduck alive and humanely crated. Our live lobsters are also regionally sourced which not only supports the local economy but also regional fishermen.

Create New Traditions With Quality Live Seafood From Global Seafoods

Dive into our unbeatable selection of live seafood for your next special event. Choose from a diverse range of seafood, live and ethically sourced, delivered overnight. There is nothing that can compare to the experience of eating high-quality, fresh seafood directly from the water to your dinner plate.

Are you tired of serving the same dinner night after night? Freshen up your menu with live lobster delivered to your door. Our live lobster from Maine offers a sweet taste thanks to the fresh Portland waters.  We store them in fresh water before shipping them out directly from the harbor. If you are looking for dense textured seafood with firm meat, this East coast lobster is a perfect choice.


To some, seeing geoduck alive is both novel and thrilling at the same time. These clams may not be the most aesthetically appealing type of live seafood on the market, but they are among the most flavorful. Our live geoduck clams offer a zingy taste that has just the right amount of fishiness and sweetness to round out your meal. Serve the siphon sashimi style and stew or pan-fry the belly for a truly unique live seafood meal.

When it comes to live sea food, no list is complete without the addition of premium live oysters. Choose your preferred flavor profile from our diverse selection. We have Shigoku oysters for those who love plump meat with a sweet taste and we have Carbajal oysters which are perfect for first-timers. What is not to love about live oysters that come in a deep cup such as our premium Tidepoint oysters from Washington State? For a more refined flavor, our Cliff Point Petite Oysters offer vegetal flavors and a briny tint that will delight even the most critical live seafood connoisseur. 

Upgrade Your Menu With Live King Crab


Have you ever visited a grocery store or even a fine dining establishment where the patrons' seafood live in the tank to choose from? To most selling live seafood may seem like a marketing trick, but in actuality, live crab and other seafood simply taste better fresh. Live king crab specifically has a richer flavor profile when cooked straight out of the water. In fact, the only way to eat crab is to cook live crab immediately. Once a crab dies, the meat turns toxic and starts to rot within a relatively short time period. To get the most nutrition and flavor out of your seafood, live options will always be the best choice.

If you want to upgrade your menu for your next event, or if you just want to give your family a treat, live seafood is a great way to do it. Our live king crab is shipped overnight, so you get it as fresh as possible before you cook. Invite your guest or family to watch you cook the live crab or prepare it in advance for a high-end treat. No matter what you choose, we guarantee that fresh out-of-the-water flavor won’t be beaten.

Ocean Fresh Seafood Live From our Shores to Your Door

When you are hankering for the succulent taste of live seafood, Global Foods is always here to serve. We offer a wide selection of seafood live and fresh all year round. From Miyagi oysters from the Washington coast to whole live sea urchins directly from the Pacific sea floor and beyond. In addition, to live sea food, we also offer freshly caught seafood, flash-frozen seafood, and luxurious delicacies such as black caviar. What are you waiting for? Click here to place your order today.