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Fresh Seafood Market

You spoke, and we listened! And one of the most common things we heard was that people all over the country are missing out on the amazing flavor of fresh, never frozen seafood. While we still rank supreme in the frozen fish game, we always strive to meet our customers' needs. We want all of our clients, no matter where they live, to have the opportunity to experience the taste of fresh off the boat seafood. 

So Global Seafoods is now offering fresh market delivery of fresh seafood that has never seen the inside of a freezer. 

Online delivery of fresh market food is the future of food shopping. We are pioneering the processes needed to become a leader in the delivery of ocean fresh seafood

"You mean I don't have to pay for overpriced fresh seafood near me anymore?" 

Wait in early morning lines for fresh seafood no more! Instead, shop at home in your pajamas with us. 

What you can buy through Global Seafoods fresh seafood delivery

  • Fresh Halibut
  • Fresh Tuna
  • Fresh Salmon
  • Fresh Swordfish

All of our fish is absolutely fresh seafood. Our fresh fish delivery will arrive at your door less than 24 hours after leaving the ocean. 

How did we make our fresh fish market happen? 

At Global Seafoods, we believe that everyone deserves the fantastic benefits of seafood no matter where you live. After decades of developing relationships with some of the most talented fishing families around the globe, we now have the ability to bring fresh off the boat flavor to your door in less than 24 hours. Becoming a fresh fish market meant flexing our creative muscles to develop ways to bring you the unparalleled taste and texture of truly fresh seafood. For example, we fly in our tuna and swordfish daily, directly from the boat. 

Michelin grade seafood from the fresh market at Global Seafoods. 

Before you ask yourself, "Where can I buy from a fresh seafood market near me?" Think about how long that seafood has been sitting on ice in your local market. Believe it or not, sometimes that seafood has been sitting in that market for six, seven, or even 8 days or more! We've heard horror stories of markets using fake eyes in their whole fish when the eyes start to deteriorate from lack of freshness. 

Not with Global Seafoods fresh market specials! We have freshly caught fish shipped in daily from our partners in the fishing industry. We process, package, and ship the fish within 24 hours of leaving the ocean so that you can enjoy market fresh fish all around the country. 

"But what happens to the fresh fish that you don't sell? "

We knew that expanding our brand and becoming part frozen part fresh fish company would come with some growing pains. That's why we've partnered with local restaurants and markets to offer our surplus of market fresh seafood. Whatever fish we don't sell directly to our fresh seafood market customers gets shipped to fish markets and restaurants to reach more local customers. 


We should all be eating healthier, and now you can have fresh seafood delivered right to your door. 

The fresh market offerings: 

We are continually working on expanding our offerings to bring your more kinds of fresh seafood online through our fresh fish market. Currently, we are able to provide you some of our favorite types of fish that we think you will enjoy fresh from the ocean. 


Fresh Alaskan Halibut: 

You can stop searching the maps for a fresh seafood market near me for this delicious and staple white fish. As one of our favorite white fish of all, we now offer fresh halibut for sale through our online fresh fish market. 

Halibut is sought after for its delicate flavor and slightly firmer texture. Many beginner seafood eaters quickly fall in love with the mild flavor of fresh halibut. Even your kids will enjoy eating our fresh halibut for sale

 As one of the largest fish in the world's oceans, halibut Alaskan is rich in micronutrients and a good source of high-quality protein. Studies have shown that incorporating halibut into your diet might even help your body fight inflammation. The nutrients and omega-3's in Alaskan halibut can help your body fight off heart disease and maybe even live longer. So, before you scoff at the fresh halibut price per pound, remember that you would be eating some of the healthiest fish the world's oceans have to offer. 

When you buy halibut from Global Seafoods, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best possible fresh halibut prices we can offer. 

The Best Fresh Tuna: 

Flown in daily from our fishing partners in Hawaii, our fresh tuna prices will give you some of the most delicious and flavorful sushi grade tuna you can get anywhere in the world. 

We covered freshly frozen tuna extensively. We know tuna is incredible for our bodies. We don't even need to begin to compare canned tuna vs. fresh tuna. Once you taste fresh tuna steaks or fillets, you'll never want to open another can of tuna again if you can avoid it. 

There are many (many) benefits to eating tuna. Tuna is rich in potassium which is known to lower your blood pressure. The micronutrients working together with the omega-3's in tuna create a powerful anti-inflammatory food that might even reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke! Replacing two red meat or pork meals a week with tuna can help reduce your cholesterol and get your heart pumping better. 

Fresh Alaskan Salmon 

Back to where it all began, one of the most amazing kinds of seafood in the world is our fresh Alaska Salmon. Our fresh salmon fillets are enough to fill you up and keep you coming back for more. 

Salmon is one of the healthiest and most delicious kinds of seafood we offer. Rich in healthy oils, this cold water fish is processed in our facilities quickly and arrives at your door within 24 hours of leaving its home in the North Pacific Ocean. 

The impressive health benefits of salmon are undeniable, which why we've worked so hard to bring you more of the salmon that we all love. 

Salmon is a high quality protein source while being one of the best choices for heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids. The cold home of the Alaskan waters causes salmon to develop stores of oils that not only keep the salmon alive but keep you alive with its anti-inflammatory heart healthy benefits. Salmon is high in B vitamins, a great source of potassium, and contains antioxidants that might lower your risk of heart disease. Salmon is known to protect your brain health and might even help you fight off inflammation. 

 As you age, eating healthy is more important than ever to allow you to enjoy your golden years in comfort. Our fresh salmon fillets added to a healthy diet and coupled with regular exercise will help you reach your golden years, all while tasting amazing.  


Fresh Swordfish: 

One of the meatiest fish steaks your money can buy, we now offer fresh swordfish delivered right to your home. 

Did you know that swordfish is a perfect starter fish? Swordfish has thick fillets, a meaty texture, and a mild flavor making it ideal for a first time fish eater. 

Swordfish can help your body fight off cancer! Swordfish is exceptionally high in selenium and other micronutrients that are great for helping keep cancer away. The selenium in swordfish is also excellent for your thyroid health, heart health, and many other functions in your body. 

Swordfish is a fantastic source of protein, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids. Eating swordfish 1-2 times per week can help you fight cancer, protect your heart health, strengthen your bones, all while still not overindulging in the mercury found in some of our larger predatory fish.


The fresh market at Global Seafoods is open for business! 

We have the ability to ship your fish orders overnight Monday through Friday for next day delivery, including Saturday deliveries. See our Shipping page for more information and details on overnight shipping. 


Frequently Asked Questions: 

"Isn't it better to buy fresh seafood near me?" 

That might have been the case years ago and might certainly still be possible if you live in a coastal community. If you're not lucky enough to live on the ocean, your local fish markets don't have fresh off the boat seafood. In fact, the seafood sitting in your local market right now is probably more than a week out of the ocean. It might even be previously frozen fish! 

We value integrity, and we love fresh, which is why for the longest time, we only dealt in frozen seafood. It's challenging to capture that off the boat freshness. But now that we have, we are bringing it right to your doorstep in under 24 hours.