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The Amazing Health Benefits Of Marine Collagen

Collagen has been in the news a lot lately with so many brands looking to help people turn back the clock on aging. Collagen is a natural protein that is produced by your body which helps to keep your bones, skin, joints, nails, and hair healthy. It is also important to help support health along with other benefits. Though we produce this protein naturally, as we age the amount our bodies produce starts to decrease.

Collagen supplements are a great way to help keep your body healthy and to help maintain glowing skin. There are many ways to increase your collagen production such as taking a marine collagen supplement, changing your diet, and even applying topical products over your skin.

What is Marine Collagen?

Now that you understand the importance of collagen in the body, you may be wondering which type of supplement you should be taking. There are a few different collagen supplements to choose from, each offering their own benefits. One of the best ones to add to your daily routine however is a marine collagen supplement. When it comes to collagen peptides there are countless options, some are simply trendy while others offer a wide assortment of health benefits. Marine collagen is one supplement that has recently taken the world by storm, and for good reason.

You may be wondering exactly what is marine collagen, is it some special elixir from the ocean? or perhaps a byproduct of a deep-sea jellyfish no one has ever heard of? While the name may sound exotic, the source is actually much more mundane. Marine collagen comes from the skin of fish and offers a pure source of hypoallergenic protein. It is produced from fish skin that is typically left unused from the production of food. The skins are washed, hydrolyzed with a combination of food-grade enzymes and acid which then produces marine collagen peptides. The end result is a clean form of marine collagen that is easy for the body to absorb and digest.

What Types of Collagen Are There?

Collagen regardless of the source is all composed of the same types of amino acids. The source of the collagen determines the concentration of specific amino acids which can help to promote the health of various bodily systems. Porcine and bovine-derived collagen for example differs from collagen marine in that the latter contains much more Proline and Glycine than the former. These two amino acids in particular are critical to healthy skin, hair, and nails which makes marine collagen such an attractive supplement.

There are five types of collagen. These types are classed according to their sources. They are:

  • Type I
  • Type II
  • Type III
  • Type V
  • Type X

While the first three are commonly found in supplement form, Type V and Type X are not typically available as a supplement.

The Importance of Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen

Knowing what is marine collagen made out of makes explaining why smaller particles of collagen are more beneficial to the body than larger ones. Collagen that comes from poultry or bovines has larger peptides that are harder for the body to absorb. That doesn’t mean that they don’t work, simply that they are less effective. Marine collagen comes from fish which is known to be easier for the body to absorb. The reason it is better for your body is that the peptides are naturally smaller and cleaner than other forms of collagen peptides.

While all marine collagen has smaller peptides, not all marine collagen supplements are hydrolyzed. When compared to other types of collagen, marine collagen has superior bioavailability. Higher quality marine collagen supplements are crafted from powders that have been hydrolyzed. While this may sound like some sort of artificial treatment, it simply means that the peptides have been broken down into even smaller portions for easier digestion.

When choosing a marine collagen supplement it is preferable to select one that is hydrolyzed for more efficient absorption. Many studies have confirmed that hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides are more easily able to traverse the intestinal barrier which means that you will lose less during their journey through your body. Instead of having to be broken down by the acids in your stomach, most of the collagen will be absorbed directly into your body.

Where is Collagen Found & How is it Used?

  • Type I collagen is found in high concentrations in the body. It is the strongest and is the use to form strong bones, healthy skin, and other connective tissues. It also happens to the strongest form of collagen which is most effective in rebuilding damaged tissues as well as general healing.
  • Type II collagen mainly is located in the cartilage. Its job is to help support the health of your connective tissue and your joints. As we age this type naturally is produced in lower concentrations which can lead to joint pain, arthritis, and other conditions of the joints and bones.
  • Type III collagen is mostly found in the organs and in the skin. After type I, it is the form found in the highest concentrations in the body. It helps to support a healthy gut as well as with skin elasticity.
  • Type V collagen is found during pregnancy in the placenta. It is used to form the cells and support fetal growth. Due to the limited nature and specific function of this type of collagen, it is not produced in the form of a supplement.
  • Type X collagen is the specific type that is found in the cartilage. It helps to support and encourage joint cartilage growth as well as bone growth. This is a naturally occurring form that is also not produced in the form of a supplement.

Marine collagen peptides are a mixture of two types of collagen. They are a mix of Type I and Type III. Marine collagen comes from the skin and cartilage of fish, and in some cases, even the organs. It is easy to convert into supplement form and offers a wide range of health benefits such as improving skin elasticity, promoting healthy hair growth, supporting healthy body composition, and much more.

Where Is Collagen For Supplements Sourced?

As we mentioned earlier, collagen comes from various systems. Those used for supplements tend to originate from the skin, bone, and cartilage. Collagen used in supplements is derived from various sources, mainly poultry, bovine, porcine, and marine. Unfortunately, collagen can’t be sourced from plants so vegans are simply out of luck in this regard.

The collagen that we use is formed of amino acids. These amino acids are produced in our bodies in the same way that they are produced in animals, which is why it is effective as a supplement. Plants can produce forms of collagen, however, they are not created from the same type of amino acids. As a result, consuming plant collagen will not trigger collagen synthesis in the human body.

Bovine collagen supplements are the most common and also the most affordable, however, wild-caught marine collagen is the most effective. Bovine collagen is abundant but not often used for cosmetic purposes due to the lower concentrations of Type I collagen it contains. Bovines are also not a very clean source of collagen which can make the supplement less effective, or even harmful to the body over time.

The best option for clean collagen comes from the sea, in short, fish collagen. If you are wondering is marine collagen better, the simple answer is yes. Marine collagen is an excellent option for overall health, skin, and hair regeneration. Marine collagen supplements are superior because they contain high concentrations of Type I collagen. Most collagen is sourced from the scales and skin of the fish which offers the most benefit for your hair, nails, skin, and other bodily systems.

Marine collagen supplements are more expensive, but it is also a very clean source of collagen. Marine collagen is sourced in an ethical manner and the majority of the fish are wild-caught. The body also absorbs marine collagen much faster than other types while also having the benefit of being free from many common pollutants.

What is The Best Way to Take Collagen?

Increasing the amount of collagen you consume is easy. You can take marine collagen capsules as part of your supplement regimen for a healthy boost. Another way to increase your intake of collagen is through your diet. If you love seafood such as fish, eat it whole with the skin as opposed to eating only the meat. For poultry, make the skin and cartilage part of your meals. The same goes for beef. All of these parts contain natural collagen which can help increase your body’s own stores of the vital amino acids.

Changing your diet to include proteins that are rich in collagen is a great way to boost your intake. At the same time, you can only eat so much! Adding pure marine collagen peptide powder to your shakes or meals is another great way to boost your reserves and improve your health over time. Along with better hair and skin, there are plenty of other health benefits that come with a regular regimen of marine collagen.

10 Great Health Benefits of Marine Collagen

Now that you understand where collagen comes from and why marine collagen is the best source, let’s discuss the benefits of marine collagen has on your health. Aside from great hair and clear skin, this cell boosting supplement can do wonders for your whole body.

Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails

Boosting the level of Type I collagen in your body will help improve the look and feel of your skin. It will help to smooth wrinkles, boost elasticity, and help your skin cells to repair themselves more efficiently. Increasing the amount of marine collagen in your diet can give you firmer skin that is more hydrated and youthful in appearance. These same benefits also extend to your hair and nails. If you suffer from hair fall, split ends, and brittle nails, one way to heal your body naturally is by taking a marine collagen supplement on a regular basis.

Better Bones

There are years of scientific research that prove marine collagen peptides help your bones to absorb minerals such as calcium more efficiently. Other minerals that are essential for your bones and will make them stronger will get the support they need to work from marine collagen. The result is stronger bones, less joint pain, and even healthier teeth.

Stabilize Your Blood Sugar

Diabetes is a disease that affects as much as a third of the population worldwide. For those who suffer from type 2 diabetes, a common symptom is love levels of circulating glycine. Marine collagen has a naturally high level of glycine and when taken with as a supplement, it is effective in helping to balance the levels of sugar in the blood.

Metabolism Booster

Everyone is looking for a way to lose weight and stay in shape. No matter how much you cut calories or change your diet, you still have to battle with your metabolism. Marine collagen peptide powder supplements are a healthy way to increase your metabolism naturally. Collagen helps to add lean muscle mass which further increases the conversion of essential nutrients in the body. As a result, you will have a faster metabolism, lose more weight, and gain muscle in the process.

Weight Management Protein

For those looking for a way to manage their weight without adding heavy proteins to their diet, marine collagen is a perfect option. There are no carbohydrates, fat, or sugars in marine collagen which will ensure that your diet stays on track regardless of how much you consume. Daily supplementing with marine collagen has also been proven to reduce cravings and help you to feel full much longer.

Antibacterial Elements

According to recent research marine collagen peptide fragments feature antibacterial properties. A peptide derived from marine collagen called collagencin has been proven to inhibit disease-causing and infection-causing bacteria. For those healing from injuries, surgery, and other trauma, supplementing with marine collagen is a great way to speed up the natural healing efforts of the body.

Thyroid Booster

Collagen is known to help balance the level of proteins in the body. Marine collagen when taken on a regular schedule can help balance the hormones in the thyroid. Marine collagen also helps liver function by increasing how efficiently is converts your hormones into T3 hormones. This occurs thanks to the collagen reducing the levels of cortisol in the blood.

Boost Brain Health

Of all of the amino acids found in collagen, glycine makes up 20%. There are a lot of marine collagen benefits, but boosting brain health is one of the best recorded. It has been proven to help reduce excessive excitation and improve sleep in those who take it on a regular basis. This also results in a sharper mind during the day and a better ability to focus during intensive tasks.

Reduces Scars & Boost Wound Healing

Supplementing with marine collagen powder can help wounds heal more completely in addition to healing faster. Collagen is one of the main dermal matrix components of your skin. It is essential to help your skin heal after trauma, injury, burns, rash, or anything else that affects the surface. Taking a supplement or using marine collagen cream can help your skin heal more quickly and efficiently.

Reduces Inflammation and Joint Pain

Collagen helps to hold our bones together while also allowing our joints to move without pain. Collagen has a smooth structure that is similar to gel. This allows your joints to glide without rubbing against each other with ease. As we age, the body naturally produces less which can lead to age-related joint deterioration and general pain. Taking a supplement of marine collagen can help prevent pain and reduce the deterioration of bone and cartilage in the body.  

Why is Marine Collagen Better Than Other Forms of Collagen?

Any clean collagen supplement is good for your health, however, Neocell marine collagen is the most superior. Collagen comes in many forms and each form will help boost your natural stores of this essential amino acid. Fish and other marine life offer additional benefits that can boost your overall immunity and your health at the same time.

Fish collagen is much easier for the body to absorb than other forms of collagen. The best marine collagen is harvested from wild fish that has been allowed to grow in an environment free of toxins. If you are wondering why farmed fish and wild fish result in different qualities of collagen, think for a moment about your last seafood meal. Sure, farmed salmon or shrimp may be larger and more affordable, but they also have less flavor. Fresh wild versions on the other hand are full of flavor, nutrients, and even have a richer texture.

The same is true for marine collagen. Fish that has been allowed to grow and mature in its natural environment will have a higher concentration of nutrients and a lower profile of toxins. This results in a clean, sustainable marine collagen peptide supplement.

Choosing The Right Marine Collagen Supplement For Your Lifestyle

Collagen supplementation is a simple and effective way to protect against and reverse the effects aging on your skin, bones, and hair. Marine Collagen supplements in particular is a sustainable way to improve your health without harming the environment. Because the collagen is sourced from parts of the fish that would otherwise be discarded, not only are you helping the environment, but you are also helping yourself.

Choosing the best marine collagen powder or supplement depends largely on your lifestyle, eating habits, and the results you are seeking from your regimen. Some people take marine collagen supplements to help them lose weight while others use it to help control their diabetes. Marine collagen supplements are sold in a wide variety of concentrations as well as in both capsule and powder form.

As we mentioned before, the best marine collagen peptides will also be hydrolyzed, but it is not mandatory for an effective supplement. For those who are looking to manage their weight, those that use it as part of their fitness routine, or those who use the marine collagen as a protein replacement, powders are a good option. Adding high-quality marine collagen powder to your morning smoothie or to a delicious lunch shake is a great way to your daily dosage without feeling deprived of a meal.

Those who are looking to improve their hair, skin, and nails may prefer the capsule option. This is also a great choice for seniors who supplement to reduce inflammation and people who simply want to add more collagen to their diet. The most important thing to remember is to always purchase your marine collagen from a reliable source. Your health is an investment into your future, and when it comes to your wellness, you get what you pay for.

Are Our Marine Collagen Supplements Right For You?

Marine collagen has become a trend in the beauty and health niche in recent months, but it has been a health superfood in the world of nutrition for decades. Bodybuilders and athletes have been using marine collagen to maintain their muscle mass and control their weight for generations. It is also a great way to help support healthy joints and bones while reducing the time it takes for the body to heal following a training session.  

Aside from its use in the athletic field, marine collagen supports a healthy gut while also boosting digestive health. Marine collagen peptides offer the body a wide range of benefits that scientists have only begun to understand. As little as 10 grams of marine collagen daily is enough to maintain healthy skin, proper hair growth, and reduce or eliminate the presence of brittle nails.

Marine peptides have also shown to be able to reduce the look of cellulite when paired with a healthy diet and moderate exercise. In seniors, the Type II collagen that is found in marine collagen has been used to treat osteoarthritis and osteoporosis therapeutically in seniors. It is also effective in helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels in diabetics and those who are in the pre-diabetic stage. With so many benefits, it is plain to see why our marine collagen powders and supplements are among our best sellers.