Pacific Fresh Oysters From Global Seafoods

Global Seafoods offers some of the freshest and best-tasting oysters in the seafood industry. Our stock of raw oysters is harvested using state-of-the-art methods that help to preserve their freshness while also ensuring their unique taste. All of our oysters are handled with care and are always handled with temperature control in mind. Ordering Kumamoto oysters and other types is as easy as clicking on oysters near me and requesting overnight shipping at an affordable rate.

Healthy Raw Oysters From Global Seafoods

We offer a diverse range of raw oysters straight from the Pacific that is full of nutrients and packed with flavor. Later in our post, we will cover how to eat oysters, but first, let’s talk about the benefits they offer. Raw oysters and charbroiled oysters alike are a great source of protein that is also low in fat. They have only a couple of calories and also happen to be a low-cholesterol food. Shucking oysters may be a pain, but the zinc, calcium, iron, vitamin C, and Omega-3 fatty acids are well worth the hassle.

Choose Your Fresh Oyster Flavor Profile

Here at Global Seafoods we offer a full selection of fresh oysters of differing taste profiles to satisfy even the most refined palates. Our raw oysters and fresh oysters come in a diverse range of sizes and even our Kumamoto oysters are among the best in the country.

Newbies will love Carbajal oysters thanks to their mild flavor, crisp profile, and meaty texture. The meat is sweeter than many other raw oyster types, and they have a deep cup that makes them slurp-friendly. If you are looking for a stronger brine and a firmer texture, Shingoku fresh oysters are going to be a hit. They are delivered live straight to your door so you can enjoy the best flavor of the season.

For tangy live oysters, consider our Miyagi fresh oysters. They come in a savory brine that features a smart tang with a light finish. The beautiful fluted shells are a delight to serve, and the sizable meat is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. If you are in the mood for firmer meat with a sweeter taste, then our Willapa Bay raw oysters are going to hit the spot. Cultivated to be served on the half-shell, the cucumber finish and sweet, creamy meat will have you coming back for more.

Sometimes the best things come in small packages, which is why Cliff Point petite oysters are a best seller. These small delicacies have a sweet finish that is preceded by algae-infused vegetal flavors. Serve them on the half shell as an amuse-bouche or serve them as charbroiled oysters directly from the grill. For fresh oyster enthusiasts, our Tidepoint oysters feature a medium brine that leaves behind a crisp, clean taste. There is an added bonus of the copious amount of liqueur and ease of shucking with Tidepoint oysters as well.

How to Eat Oysters

There are many ways to enjoy oysters based on your personal preferences. Raw oysters are a popular option paired with a touch of lime and a fresh salad. You can also create a stunning meal out of charbroiled oysters if you prefer your seafood cooked. There is no rule on how to eat oysters other than to make sure you are eating them as fresh as possible.

Smaller oysters can be swallowed whole directly from their shell. Most people like to savor the taste of their fresh oysters, and chewing helps to develop their full flavor. Most raw oysters are served with a cocktail sauce or companion condiment of Champagne mignonette sauce. The best flavor comes by sucking the meat directly from the shell, but you can also use a small shell food fork to loosen them first.

Tips on Shucking Oysters

Once you have some of our fresh raw oysters in hand, then it’s time to gobble them up. But, you have to shuck them first! Shucking oysters seems complicated, but it’s actually pretty basic. The oysters have a front and back, and two curved sides. If you have a strong grip, then you can simply take an oyster knife and pop the shell by cracking open the back. However, you may end up with more shells in the meat than you prefer. An easier way for shucking oysters that is also beginner friendly is to take a small paring knife and slide it under in between the front edges of the raw oyster shell. Poke the knife into the gap and gently lever it back and forth. Once you get a little space, turn the knife 90 degrees, slide the knife into the shell and slice the muscle to release the top shell.

Find Fresh Oysters Near Me From Global Seafoods

Now that you know the best tips for shucking oysters and how to eat oysters both raw and cooked, are you ready for a flavor explosion? Locating fresh Kumamoto oysters and other Pacific oysters is as simple as clicking oysters near me below and placing an order. We offer overnight delivery so that your seafood arrives fresh and full of flavor every time. Place your order for fresh oysters from Global Seafoods by clicking the best oysters near me link now.