Ocean Organic Seaweed


Seaweed are a type of algae or kelp that grows in bodies of salt water, such as oceans or seas.  Seaweed is known to be some of the most ultimate super foods.  The benefits of taking daily seaweed supplements is very extensive.  Some of the benefits include increase heart health, balanced thyroid function, cancer prevention, healthy immune support, promoting an ideal daily nutritional intake, and significant blood sugar control especially in those living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.  There are many types of seaweed available on the market and our goal is to be able to supply you in all of your seaweed needs.  Each type of seaweed will contain unique benefits and nutritional support.

At Global Seafoods we guarantee that all of our seaweed in tested prior to production for any contaminants.  All our seaweed has been dried in the ideal process to make sure none of the nutrients are lost in the process.  We guarantee your satisfaction and that you will recieve the finest seaweed supplements on the market today!