Poke Marinaded Seafood

All About Poke From Global Seafoods

Raw seafood salad has been around for a while, but poke is getting a lot more love in recent years. From imported Ahi poke to poke nachos and everything in between, this raw seafood salad is here to please. Global Seafoods is here to tell you all about poke, when and where to buy tuna poke, how to make some amazing dishes, and even the difference between red poke and other types of just poke below. 

What is Poke?

In order to learn all about poke, you first need to understand its origin. If you are like most living on the mainland, you may not have encountered red poke, ahi poke, or just poke as a regular part of your dining experience. So, what is poke? Poke, pronounced poh-KAY, is the word for chuck in Hawaiian. As a dish, poke is any type of meat that has been diced or cut into moderate chunks and then marinated with spices. Traditional forms of poke can be red meat, seafood, or even poultry, however, in modern times it typically refers to seafood.

Common Types of Poke

If you want to know all about poke, then you need to distinguish the most common types you will find in the market. Ahi poke tuna is one of the most common types you will find. This is just poke, in its raw fish form, cut into little cubes paired with a marinade. Hawaiian poke will be made from seafood as well, marinated in a range of traditional spices. Albacore tuna poke is another favorite you can find on the mainland, or on the islands. The cubes are slightly larger and generally paired with a sesame-based marinade. Red poke is a raw Ahi tuna marinated in a rational red poke sauce. Though poke is typically seafood, like salmon poke, there is vegetable poke as well. Many people make vegetable poke out of avocado, cucumbers, and other tangy fresh vegetables. Shrimp poke and octopus poke soaked in Korean or Japanese marinades are also popular options.

Poke Buying Tips

Now that you know all about poke, it is time to learn how to pick the right type for your palate. To start, think about how you want to consume the poke. Are you interested in making poke nachos or are you looking for a more traditional Hawaiian poke type of flavor? Maybe you want to keep it simple with just poke or even create your own salmon poke bowl mix. Whatever flavor you desire, Global Seafoods has some tips and a great selection of poke to tantalize your taste buds.

The Freshest Poke Around

Global Seafoods offers Ahi poke with four different marinade options ranging from traditional Hawaiian poke to spicy Ahi poke. If you are in the mood for a salmon poke bowl, our delicious sriracha Atlantic salmon poke is sure to delight the senses. Tuna poke is the perfect base for everything from appetizers to main dishes. Using our Albacore tuna poke will add a certain level of class and sophistication that you and your family won’t soon forget. Red poke is a staple in many island-inspired meals and in most Hawaii poke bowl presentations. Any of our ahi poke or tuna poke selections will add flavor and flair to your Hawaiian poke bowl creations. For those looking for something outside of just poke, consider picking up some of our garlic shrimp poke to add a bit of spice to your next meal.

Poke Nachos Recipe

Are you in the mood for some ahi poke or red poke but are not sure how to present it? If so, we have a great recipe that is sure to be a hit. Our poke nachos are perfect for game night or just for a night in. Take a break from your traditional salmon poke bowl or Hawaiian poke bowl and try this trending tuna poke recipe today.

Poke Nachos


  • Ahi Poke or Tuna Poke & marinade packet
  • 125 ml mayonnaise
  • Water 2 tbsp
  • Sriracha sauce 2 tsp
  • 8 cups of fresh taro chips or tortilla chips
  • Toasted sesame seeds 1 tbsp
  • 10 grams finely chopped cilantro
  • Avocado 1 large, chopped in cubes

To make the best poke nachos around, all you need to start is our fresh poke and seasoning packet. To make the sauce, add the sriracha, water, and mayo into a bowl, mix well, and set aside. Then layer your chips onto a decorative platter. Drizzle a small amount of sauce over the chips. Next, layer your mixed poke, avocado, and top with more sauce. Garnish with sesame seeds and cilantro, sever, and enjoy!