Information & Details
The following is a breakdown of how we ship our products to all clients for all of our online purchases. Please read thoroughly as it should cover the majority of questions people have had over the years and questions that you may have on the subject. If your questions are not answered below then please contact us and we will be happy to answer any further questions that you may have.  Remember, we ship perishable goods, and all shipment schedules are made to guarantee that you will receive your order frozen solid.
Shipping Carrier
We contract with FedEx for all of our small scale shipping needs. In the prices we have stated for shipping we have accounted for additional weight of dry ice, which can be up to 20lbs per box. For insurance reasons we cannot use your personal FedEx account to ship. In addition using your account will overall cost much more. We do not and will not use UPS or USPS as they do not fit our requirements for shipping perishable goods.

Packaging for Transit
In order to guarantee that your order will get to you in good condition no matter the destination or shipping method we use Styrofoam cases with dry ice. The Styrofoam cases help to insulate the cold inside the box so that everything we ship will remain frozen. We use dry ice, which is a frozen solid form of CO2, to maintain a constant below freezing temperature. Dry ice is ideal for our purposes as CO2 does not bind with food goods and when it breaks down it will simply evaporate. Depending on the required transit time we will use more or less dry ice in order to firstly make sure the package arrives frozen. A last note on dry ice; do not touch dry ice with your bare hands or skin, as it will cause immediate frostbite and burns.

FedEx Ground and Home Delivery
No matter where in the US you are (with exception to Hawaii and Alaska) we can deliver to you via ground. One thing that you must note is that there is a much longer transit time and depending on your location there may be a delay before shipping out. All orders require a minimum of 24 hours to process before shipping. Additionally, we only ship ground on specific days of the week in order to avoid getting orders stuck on weekends. If you are in Washington or Oregon State you will receive your order in one business day once it has been shipped (shipments only occur Monday-Thursday for this region). If you are located in California, Utah, Idaho, Northern Nevada then you will receive the package in two business days after it is shipped (shipments occur only Monday-Thursday for this region). If you are in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Southern Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona then shipments arrive three days after shipping (shipments only occur Monday-Wednesday for this region). If you are in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee or Mississippi then you will receive your package 4 business days after shipping (shipments occur only Monday and Tuesday for this region). If you are in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine then you will receive your package on the Saturday after shipping.  We only ship to this region on a Monday via ground since it takes 5 business days to deliver.  This way your order will not be stuck over the weekend and spoil.  If your order is received after pickup on Monday then your order to the East coast will be shipped out the following Monday.  There is no exception to this rule with ground shipping. That being said if you are in the last grouping of states then do not use a commercial shipping address! This is very important! Since many businesses are closed on weekends FedEx may not deliver the package to your commercial address on time! This will result in spoilage. If you give us a commercial address to ship to and it causes a delay, then you void any of our shipping guarantees. Make it easy on all of us and give us a residential address to ship to.

FedEx Express
We also offer express shipments for anyone looking to get their stuff faster. Note that all shipments via express require a minimum of 24 hours to process. We can ship FedEx 2 Day Monday-Wednesday. We CANNOT ship Thursday or Friday via FedEx 2 Day as there is no weekend delivery for 2 Day Express available and we have a strict limit to how much dry ice we can pack by FAA regulations. Remember, these are perishable goods; if we ship on Thursday or Friday with a dry ice limit then your order will spoil by the time it arrives the following week. With FedEx Overnight we have the ability to ship Monday-Friday with next day delivery, including a Saturday delivery.

Local Delivery
We have an option to delivery your order to your door ourselves if you ship within the Seattle, Wa area.  These delivery methods are a flat $5.  Shipments require a minimum of 24 hours to process prior to shipping.  Some exceptions may apply.  If we can we will deliver the order the same day, but that rule does not apply to all orders depending on products ordered and time of day ordered.  We only offer the Local Delivery option within these zip-codes: 98057, 98059, 98056,98040, 98004, 98006, 98075, 98074, 98052, 98008, 98007, 98005, 98039, 98033, 98052, 98072, 98011, 98033, 98034, 98028, 98155, 98177, 98133, 98125, 98115, 98103, 98117, 98107, 98105, 98195, 98199, 98119, 98109, 98102, 98112, 98122, 98121, 98101, 98104, 98134, 98144.  Any orders outside of these zip codes that choose a local delivery method will be charged for the additional costs of delivery for FedEx Ground, or will have their orders cancelled.
Shipping costs are variable by weight and destination. You can look them up once you add whatever products you want into the shopping cart and utilizing the Shipping Calculator.

Holiday Delays
Holidays are fun but can cause delays to shipping. We don’t want your order to get stuck in transit and spoiling. So if there is a holiday coming up we may hold your order to ship it the week after. For specific holiday delays contact us and we will let you know.  To view all Winter holiday cut offs, please click here.

Requests & Notes
We require that all requests and notes be given when the order is placed. This includes specific requirements for delivery dates. Once FedEx has picked up the order there is nearly nothing we can do to stop it or change the terms of delivery. To be perfectly frank, if you contact us the day after we shipped your order telling us you forgot to mention you will be gone all of that week then we will feel bad for you, but will not have the ability to do anything about it. So please, if you plan on leaving for an extended period of time then contact us ahead of time so that we can make sure we will ship out your order in the proper timing with your travel schedule. Lastly on this issue, we have no authority or ability to dictate specific delivery times. You can leave a note about what time you want FedEx to show up, but more than likely they will ignore that. Also no matter how much you ask FedEx drivers will not call you before delivery. They are not allowed to talk on the phone while driving or working.

Accepting Packages & Tracking
Once your label is printed you will receive tracking information from us. If you don’t try checking your spam folder, and if that doesn’t work then please by all means let us know and we will send it again. That being said, with tracking you know the exact date of when it will arrive. You and you alone are responsible for receiving it on time. If you live in a gated community, condo or apartment then your package may be delivered to the main office. You are responsible for tracking your package and getting it from management. As I said, you are responsible! If you go and pick up your package of fish from the main office 5 days after delivery and discover it to be rotten, then we will feel bad for you, but there will be nothing we can do. Please don’t leave the packages sitting in the office for that long. We really don’t like feeling bad for people.  If you require a different delivery date for any reason such as being out of town then please let us know at the time of your order and we will do our best to accommodate.  Under no circumstances should you contact FedEx once the order has been shipped in attempt to ask them to delay the order.  This can result in significant delay which you may not foresee  and will void all guarantees.  Please note that FedEx keepsa record of these requests. Also if you request it then we can require a direct signature for your package. All orders over $500 will require signature.

Global Seafoods' Guarantee
We guarantee that you will receive your order in a frozen state. If your order arrives thawed, spoiled or damaged we will replace it. This guarantee applies 12 months out of the year, 365 days a year. Exceptions to this rule have been stated above and further terms and conditions can be found on the following page. Terms & Conditions