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When you are preparing Alaskan crab or whitefish, you need the best cooking accessories to get the right cut. High quality seafood deserves high quality kitchen tools and cutting utensils to help you create a delicious meal. If you are in need of professional cooking tools for your seafood and essential cooking supplies to take your meals to the next level, we can help. Global Seafoods of North America is the best place to buy kitchen products online.

Plenty of kitchen stores online will offer you a list of products. Global Seafoods not only offers a wide assortment of accessories for kitchen, we also tell you how to use them. Check out our culinary tools list that compares the best cutting utensils for different types of fish and more. Choosing the right kitchen tool at an affordable price has never been easier.

Top Cooking Accessories That Create The Perfect Cutting Surface

If you are using our Damascus steel knives to cut the perfect slice of sashimi, you will need a firm surface. When it comes to kitchen accessories for the seafood lover, a high quality cutting board is essential. Today we have three types of cutting board kitchen tools to review so you can pick the right tool for your needs.

  • Wood Chopping Blocks Rectangle Cutting Board – When it comes to kitchen items, sometimes bigger is not always better. This small wooden cutting board is perfectly sized for compact kitchens and detail work. Made from black walnut wood, this mini cutting board is perfect for sushi, fruit, spices, and other small detail work. It is finely sanded and has a smooth finish that will grip your food without leaving behind splinters or debris.


  • High Quality Wooden Chopping Board – When putting together a culinary tools list, there is no way to skip over the importance of a good board. The handle makes it easy to grip and carry without worrying about slippage. The leather tassel also makes storage simple and efficient.


  • Black Wood Cutting Board Kitchen – A good Damascus steel knife or any high quality cutting utensils should be paired with a quality cutting board. This sturdy board is a generous 42cm x 14.5cm x 2cm, which gives you ample space to maneuver when cutting. Made from rich walnut wood, this handsome cutting board will get the job done while also fitting a gorgeous aesthetic.

Essential Cooking Supplies To Add To Your Kitchen

Master chefs and home cooks alike need the proper cooking tools in order to make their meals come together. A quick look at kitchen stores online will show just home many cooking accessories there are to choose from. Global Seafood’s understanding the need for quality accessories for kitchen that will make your seafood perfect every meal. Our top four choices of essential cooking supplies are;

  1. Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves
  2. Crab & Lobster Seafood Cracker Set
  3. Seafood Cracker Pick Set
  4. 7 Piece Cooking Kitchen Set

When working with seafood, the proper kitchen tools will make your meal preparation 50% easier. There is no reason not to buy professional cooking tools when you are investing in quality seafood. Your flavors will be richer, your meal preparation times shorter, and your presentation will be fabulous. With our essential cooking supplies and 5-star dish is no more than a few chops and a sear away.

Our Top Rated Cutting Utensils Compared

When you think about the perfect kitchen tool, chances are a sharp knife comes to mind. If you love seafood, sushi, or even fine beef cuts, cutting utensils will be your top priority. Global Seafood offers a diverse selection of kitchen accessories including high-end Damascus knives. If you are not sure which to add to your culinary tools list, our comparison guide can help.

Santoku Damascus Knife

This knife has a traditional styling of a Japanese blade. It allows for perfect slices with a single downward stroke. If you are looking for a knife that offers pristine dicing, mincing, and slicing, this 6.5-inch stainless steel blade is the right one for your kitchen.

Damascus Grandsharp Blue Japanese Knife

If you are in the market for a keen blade, this Damascus steel knife may be what you are looking for. The steel is folded for increased durability and aesthetic appeal while also being honed to a sharp point. It maintains its edge and is perfect for chopping vegetables, slicing raw meat, and more.

Japanese Ultra Sharp Chef Knife

This 8 inch knife is a visual work of art but is more than just a pretty showpiece. The edge is forged for precision cuts with little pressure. It has 67 layers of VG10 Damascus steel with a 60+2 HRC Rockwell hardness rating. More than your average kitchen knife this tool is crafted with the professional chef in mind.

Damascus Steel 5 Inch Kitchen Knife

If you are looking for an eco-friendly knife to add to your kitchen collection, this is a great option. This is perfect for slicing fruit or cutting larger slices of fish. The handle is no slip and the blade has been built to last.

Damascus Kitchen Knife

This 8 inch Damascus steel knife is the perfect all-rounder to add to your kitchen. It works well for regular use, cutting meat, or even slicing vegetables. The handle offers the user a strong no-slip grip which is essential for kitchen safety. Like all Damascus steel, the folded metal of the blade is crafted for durability.

Buy Top Rated Cooking Tools Online

The best place to buy tools for your specialty kitchen is from the people who understand your vision. Regular cooking tools and cutting utensils are great for the average cook, but seafood masters need something better. The sharpness of the blade and the quality of the board will have a dramatic effect on your food preparation, so why not seek out the best?

If you are looking for the best place to buy seafood sets, Damascus knives, and other kitchen products online, Global Seafood’s can help. We have a large selection of high-quality kitchen utensils to meet the needs of home chefs, sushi chefs, and even professionals chefs. We offer fast shipping and guarantee you will love the quality of our products.