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When you are in the market for white fish your first stop should be Global Seafoods. We have many types of white fish to tease your taste buds and delight the senses. For those looking for the best white fish or just the healthiest white fish, we can help. All of our white meat fish is premium grade and guaranteed to keep you coming back for more.

For those who are curious about what is white fish, white fish types, or just want to know the general white fish price, keep on reading. Our experts will also give you an idea of the best white fish to eat and why you should avoid cheap white fish and much more.

Global Seafood is the premier source of Alaskan white fish, Pacific white fish, and wild caught white fish in the metro area. Check out the rest of our post and our site for great white meat fish recipes and more.

Calories Per 4 oz

Vitamins and Minerals

Fat grams/Omega 3’s

Protein Grams Per 4 oz

Sodium Per 4 oz



Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron

273 mg


56.9 mg

Pacific Cod 


Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C

284 mg


421.5 mg

Chilean Sea Bass 


Vtamin B-6, Selenium, Magnesium, Potassium

1.3 g


77 mg



Vitamin D, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus

740 mg


93.3 mg

Dover Sole 


Vitamin A, E and D

0.4 mg


130 mg

Alaska Pollock


Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron



110 mg

Identifying Whitefish Fish

Just like with poultry or red meat, there are different types of fish. If you have ever gone to the store and heard the butcher talking about whitefish fish, it has probably made you wonder what is white fish?

Basically, this is just a term for specific species of fish that are called finned demersal fish. The short list of white fishes are; Pollock, Pacific cod, haddock, Atlantic cod, hake, lingcod, whiting, and a few others.

You may see on our site that we mention white fish in addition to Alaskan whitefish. You may be wondering what is Alaskan whitefish and if it is different from other types of whitefish. The simple answer is that Alaskan white fish is one of the healthiest white fish of all. It features a mild yet sweet flavor and firmer, fattier meat. The best time for this high flake type of fish is in the peak of winter.

Pacific Cod VS Lingcod

There are several types of white fish in Alaska, two of the common favorites are Lincod and Pacific Cod. When thinking about examples of white fish, Ophiodon elongatus is probably not what comes to mind. Lingcod and Pacific cod are both pacific white fish, but they are not related to each other in any way. In fact, Lingcod is not Cod at all, they are actually a part of the greenling family.  

Both Alaskan white fish offer a unique and highly flavorful taste profile, but they are also very different. Lincod is not visually attractive as a live fish with their fat bellies, sharp teeth, and scale-free heads. As a cheap white fish however they are much easier to catch than Pacific cod and have a light almost buttery flavor. They are very moist and very easy to cook, even for a novice in the kitchen.

For those looking for something a bit more adventurous than a cheap white fish, the Pacific cod is a great choice. The fillets are firm and remain very moist making it a favorite among lovers of  Alaskan white fish.

Pacific cod has a slightly sweet flavor that lends its self well to being steamed, poached, or even fried. It does flake easily when cooked while Lingcod tends to retain its shape.

Six Types Of White Fish We Offer & Their Nutritional Specifications

Here at Global Seafoods we have several white fish types to offer. We have six main types of whitefish for sale that are as delicious as they are healthy. For each of the types of white fish we have different quantities available. The white fish price will mainly depend on the type and amount you are seeking to purchase. We have put together a list of white fish we have to offer along with their basic nutrition information.

White meat fish is very healthy compared with other types of fish. They have a low sodium and calorie content per serving in addition to being high in protein.

Chilean Sea Bass VS Halibut

The most delicious seafood recipes need the right ingredients to be successful. That means you need the best white fish on the market. Halibut and Chilean sea bass are both great options, and also two of the healthiest white fish around. While both Chilean sea bass and Halibut can be swapped in a recipe, there are some subtle differences between them.

Halibut is one of the most loved Alaska whitefish around and with good reason. This is a lean fish that has white flesh that is sweet and mild. Similar to tilapia, but firmer than cod, it is easy to pair with bold flavors and exotic spices. The meat is firm and quickly absorbs spices which makes it a great choice for boiling, frying, or baking

Anyone who loves white fish Alaska knows the value and appeal that comes with Chilean sea bass. This flaky fish has a buttery and smooth feel that very much resembles cod. The cooking options and spice pairings are endless which makes this white fish a popular choice for chefs and home cooks alike. The high-fat meat features a mild sweetness and much less “fishy” flavor than other types of seafood.

Getting The Best Deal On Alaskan White Fish

The only way to get the very best deal on white fish in Alaska is to grab a boat and go fishing. That is a great idea if you happen to be in the area, but the rest of us have to buy whitefish from a retail location to enjoy that buttery seafood goodness. If you are looking on tips to buy white meat fish at a discount, we can help. Here are a few of our helpful tips on spending less on the best white fish to eat in your area.

  • Shop for whitefish in bulk.
  • Consider a subscription plan for seasonal white fish.
  • Avoid frozen fillets of unidentified fish from grocery stores.
  • Shop online with direct shipping.
  • Make your whitefish purchases in the off-season.
  • Buy fillets instead of whole fish.

These are only a few suggestions to help you get the best price on fresh Alaskan whitefish. Here at Global Seafoods we offer the best deals on farmed and wild-caught white fish. All of our white meat fish are shipped fresh so that you get the best flavors possible directly from the sea to your table.

Dover Sole VS Alaska Pollock

If you are looking for the best white fish to eat Alaska Pollock and Dover Sole are two strong contenders. One advantage that white meat fish holds is its virility and uniquely sweet flavors. Both of these white fish offer delicate flakiness that you won’t find in other types of fish. That being said, though both are delicious, they do have some differences that will set them apart at the dinner table.

Most Ocean whitefish is caught in the deep sea but Dover sole is found most often in shallow waters. This flat fish features a sweet but mild flavor that is paired with firm but flaky meat.

Though flaky, the Dover sole white meat fish has a texture closer to actual meat over the delicate texture of traditional fish flesh. This is one of the reasons its often found in soups, atop salads, or even next to a steak on the grill.

More of a traditional sort of Alaskan whitefish, the Alaska Pollock is much different. Its meat has more of a coarse texture and it also features a much lower oil content. Like all whitefish, it is mildly sweet and of course, has flaky flesh. Of all wild caught white fish, Alaskan Pollock is one of the healthiest and also one most often seen in restaurants.

Cooking With Pacific White Fish

There are a few different white fish types but Pacific white fish remains among the most popular. In addition to being a cheap white fish that anyone can enjoy it is also very nutritious. Pacific white fish is very lean in addition to having a high amount of healthy fats. Among all white meat fish, this also happens to be the most flavorful.

One advantage of wild caught white fish is the unique flavor profile. White fish, and Pacific white fish in particular are mild enough to let bold seasoning shine through.

Unlike other types of fish, they have a buttery sweet flavor without the strong sea salt taste of most ocean fish. If you are looking for a great fish to use as the main attraction or one that will be a complimentary item on the plate, white fish is a perfect choice.

Another great thing about white meat fish is that it is easy to cook. Some types of fish only taste their best when prepared by a seasoned cook. White fish is easily adaptable and easy to cook regardless of your skill level in the kitchen. Pairing white fish with side dishes is also simple. You can choose strong earthy vegetables or a seasonal squash. Even rice and pasta go well with this lovely fish and a bottle of dry wine.

FAQ About Whitefish Fish

White fish is the perfect seafood for those who are not interested in strong flavors. If you are considering picking up some white meat fish for your next meal, you may have a few questions. We answer some of the most common questions about white meat fish below so you can be confident in your purchase.

Is white fish healthy?

White meat fish is one of the healthier alternatives to red meat. They are low in fat, high in omega-3s, and have lower levels of sodium and cholesterol than other types of fish.

Where can I buy whitefish? 

White fish is usually available in any place you can find regular fish. The best place to buy fresh wild-caught white fish is online. The prices are much better than retail stores and the fish are shipped fresh from the source.

Is halibut a white fish?

Halibut is a white meat fish. Is it is specifically an ocean-bottom dweller flatfish. They tend to live long lives and have a tender, delicious flavor that pairs well with just about anything.

How many types of white fish are there? 

Whitefish are found all over the world. There are two main types, round whitefish and flat white fish. The most common are cod, halibut, Pacific white fish and sea bass.

Cook White Fish

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