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Red King Crab Legs

King Crab Legs

Alaskan king crab legs earned the title of "king" for many reasons. It isn't just the size of their gigantic crab clusters of jumbo king crab legs and thick crab claws or their impressive overall weight, though those facts certainly contributed to their reputation; their succulent, tender meat has such an excellent flavor, people can't get enough.

Demand is high and supply is low, but you can usually find this delicacy in the most exclusive restaurants around the world. The meat from colossal king crab legs is versatile and simple to prepare, full of amazing health benefits and it's useful and delicious in a wide variety of dishes.

Appetizers, side dishes and main dishes alike will all benefit from the addition of our incredible jumbo king crab legs.


Caught & Processed
Giant  4-7 legs per 10lbs USA
Jumbo 6- 9 legs per 10lbs USA
Standard 8-12 legs per 10lbs Russia

  • Best Crab Legs Online (Paralithodes camtschaticus) 
  • King Crab Legs, and King Crab Claws
  • Largest Size On Market
  • Fully-cooked and ready to steam
  • Ships flash frozen with dry ice
  • Amazingly sweet and flavorful
  • Largest King Crab Legs Available
  • Served hot or cold
  • Harvested and immediately frozen
  • Great for parties & entertaining
  • High Quality Alaska King Crab

     As with all our products, we guarantee that we have the highest quality frozen fresh king crab legs for sale and for the best price anywhere. With a perfect taste for any meal, an impressive shelf life and the convenience of being shipped right to your door, we invite you to buy king crab online today!

    Check out any of our competitors with Alaskan king crab for sale online and we're sure you'll agree that we're the best choice.

     Giant king crab legs are blast frozen to lock in freshness and taste. They will be delivered to your home in a box packed with dry ice and you will receive 6 to 9 Alaskan crab legs in each box, with each giant leg being between 1.11-2.5 lbs, filled with delicious king crab meat.

    King Crab prices often reflect how much meat you can find in the crab itself.  It is not worth purchasing cheap king crab legs since they often have more shell than meat.  With our King Crab legs you can be reassured that even with out Alaskan King Crab Price Per Pound, you will have more meat than from any other supplier.

    King Crab nutrition is very healthy for your diet.  King crab is well known for having very low fat and being high in protein.  King crab is also great for any diet since it is very filling, yet is not high in calories.  The average King Crab Calories are only around 130 calories per leg.

    If you're looking for a succulent, rich treat for yourself, your family or your friends, you've come to the right place. Purchase from us today and experience the quality and taste fit for a king!  You will not regret buying king crab legs from us!

    Recommend 1-2 lbs. of king crab leg per adult; however, you might want to go 2-3 lbs. King crab comes pre-cooked and flash frozen to preserve the flavor.


    How To Cook King Crab Legs?

    There are many methods as to how to properly prepare King Crab.  Most importantly is that if the crab is labelled to have been cooked in seawater or salt water, then you should not add any further salt to the cooking process.  We do have a great selection of recipes at the link below if you want to go into further detail.

    Recipes for King Crab Legs, Click Here

    How To Eat King Crab Legs?

    First and foremost, you will need scissors for easily cutting the legs open.  Don't spare any knuckle or the plethora of meat in the body section of the leg.

    Do I Need To Cook My King Crab Legs?

    Yes!  They are precooked, but they still need to be reheated even if you want them cold.

    What To Serve With King Crab Legs?

    Apart from some melted butter we do suggest adding some vegetables and some carbs to the mix.  Crab may be healthy, but you should still have a balanced meal.

    How Many Calories In King Crab Legs?

    134 grams of king crab meat has around 130 calories.

    How Many King Crab Legs Per Person?

    That purely depends on the person or how hungry they are.  A small person can feel satisfied with one of our crab legs, but we have seen someone take down 4 at once!

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