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Lingcod Fillets - 4 to 10 oz portions

Pacific Lingcod Fillet 

  • Lingcod 4 - 10 oz Fillet Portions
  • Individually Vacuum Packed
  • Made in Washington United States
  • Wild Caught
  • Up To 15 - 20 Portions Per Order
  • Price from $17 to $20 per pound


  • Lingcod meat is a flavorful, versatile whitefish, used in a wide variety of dishes. In the Pacific Northwest, ling cod fillet is a favorite for fish and chips, and often used as a substitute for the much more expensive halibut. The lingcod fish has a large living area, stretching from as far south as Baja California, Mexico, up to Alaska. Global Seafoods is proud to announce that we have Alaskan lingcod fillet for sale, so no matter where you live, you can enjoy a Pacific Northwest and Alaskan favorite at your own table.
  • Whitefish for Any Occasion

    Much like Pacific cod, the Alaska lingcod fillet for sale on our site is simple to prepare, and it will go well with any number of side dishes and flavor combinations. It's perfect for experimenting or for use in your favorite meals. Buy Pacific lingcod fillet online today, and with 10 pounds of this fish in your freezer, you'll be prepared for any kind of meal you can dream up.

    • Bread or batter whole fillets, then fry
    • Baked with citrus and butter
    • Cut into strips, breaded, and baked as fish sticks
    • Flaked into pastas and salads
    • Use in soups, stews, and chowders
    • Grilled with fresh vegetables

     No matter your method of preparation, buy lingcod fillet from us, then store this fish in the freezer until ready to cook. You can either cook straight from frozen, or let it thaw slowly in the refrigerator first. Be sure to cook your fish to an internal temperature of 145° F.

    Benefits Beyond the Lingcod Price

    We know that the top quality and low price of our products can't be beat, but the benefits of buying from Global Seafoods go beyond the shopping cart.

    • Plenty of cooking options and some to save for later
    • Quick frozen to lock in freshness
    • 4-10 oz portions each portion vaccum packed
    • High protein and low fat for healthy meals
    • Vacuum packed fillets make portioning easy
    • Great source of omega-3 fatty acids

     Our Guarantee

    Global Seafoods is all about quality, fair prices, and excellent customer service! We are a trusted name in seafood, and our customers know we process our products quickly, freeze it fast, pack it in dry ice, and ship it directly to your door. Your product will arrive at the perfect temperature to ensure a long shelf-life. And we back up every purchase with our money-back guarantee! If you are dissatisfied with your order for any reason, return it for a full refund for the cost of the product and shipping!

    Cook Lingcod

    For more ideas on how to cook Lingcod fish, Click Here

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