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Safety Cut Gloves

Kitchen Cut Resistant Gloves

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Special offer only available with seafood order.  Gloves will not be sold separately. 

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Wild Norwegian Fish Oil Rich in Prenatal DHA for HEALTHY MOM - 2000mg (60 servings)Nothing ruins an amazing dinner plan like slicing open your hand by accident.  Cuts are one of the most common kitchen accidents and and make up almost half the total hand related injuries reported by Emergency Rooms in the US!  Most of these cuts can be minor nicks, but some knife related accidents can cause nerve and tendon damage that can lead to permanent disability.  Safety in the kitchen is extremely vital in all situations.  Cut resistant kitchen gloves can help any home chef stay safe and avoid accidental injury while cutting up your food.  The best kitchen gloves for cutting with have both a protective layer, and remain waterproof at the same time.  These gloves are made from High Performance Poly Ethylene, aka HPPE, which is a reliable lightweight cut resistant material that is comparable to kevlar with a level 5 cut resistant classification.  Cut gloves for kitchen safety can be used for many cutting uses, such as chopping vegetables, or even filleting a fish.  

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If you are looking to buy cut resistant gloves for cooking, then look no further!  We supply high quality cut resistant safety gloves at below cost price!  Just order any seafood from our online store and you can purchase these gloves at an amazing price!  There is no better deal on the market!


Most gloves will be delivered with your seafood order.  If we are back ordered on your size of choice then we will ship your gloves from the manufacturer.  We will let you know if we have to ship the gloves separately.


  • Size:13cm-26cm

  • Material: HPPE

  • Protect your hand from cuts and abrasions---The high performance

Type: Unknown Type

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