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In the world of supplements, there are many to choose from depending on what health concerns you may be facing, or what bodily systems you want to improve. Some supplements are targeted while others such as marine collagen peptides offer a broad range of benefits. For those looking for high-quality marine collagen supplements, our marine collagen powder is one that should be on the top of your list.

Collagen is one of the most often used ingredients in skincare such as anti-aging creams, in fact, it is the most widely used ingredient in the beauty industry. There is no doubt that collagen is critical for healthy skin, but it also offers a wealth of other health benefits. Collagen has moved to the forefront as a leader among nutritional supplements, and with good reason. They are available in many forms such as a capsule, liquid, or powder form.

What is Collagen & Why Is It Important?

Before we get in the marine collagen benefits, let’s break down how the body uses collagen and why is marine collagen better than other forms of collagen. Collagen is both a Nutri-cosmetic and a regular health supplement. It is often referred to as collagen peptide powder or simply hydrolyzed collagen powder depending on the brand. Collagen is most effective when consumed as opposed to when it is applied topically, in fact, your body produces collagen naturally in abundance.

Of course, at this point, you may be wondering why we are asking you to take a marine collagen supplement when your body already supplies you with the same nutrients. Collagen is more than simply your ticket to a perfect complexion. Collagen helps to keep your cartilage supple and helps your bones to maintain their strength. Our natural production of collagen starts to decline as soon as we hit our mid 20’s. That is one of the reasons that visible signs of aging begin to appear on our skin. You will also notice that as you age the joints become less flexible, our muscles have less strength, and our overall bone mass also decreases.

What Exactly Is Marine Collagen?

Thankfully, even though the body produces less collagen as you age, it can be replaced with high-quality marine collagen supplements such as our marine collagen powder. Collagen supplements help to replace that which the body no longer produces. It can be obtained from bovine, plants, poultry, and sea life and used as a replacement for our own reduced production.

Collagen protein supplements and powders are derived from animals, and in very limited quantities, plants. The best form however is marine collagen. You may be wondering at this point what is marine collagen, basically is it the same as bovine and poultry collagen except that it is sourced from fish. Other forms of collagen are taken from the skin and bones of mainly cows and chickens. As for what is marine collagen made out of,  it is sourced from the scales and skin of fish. What makes marine collagen better is that it comes from a more pure source and it is more easily absorbed in by the human body.

Marine-sourced type I collagen peptides and wild caught marine collagen are the most beneficial for skin, joint, and hair health. Collagen protein powder, collagen peptides, hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides are all common names that you will see for this helpful supplement, but they are all the same thing. Hydrolyzed marine collagen is simply processed in a way that breaks down the amino acids into bioavailable molecules that are smaller and thus easier for your body to use.

What Are The Benefits of Marine Collagen?

Although your body generates its own collagen proteins, supply decreases as we age. The collagen our body generates is made from hydroxyproline, glycine, and proline which are amino acids that can’t often be replaced as part of a regular diet. These amino acids are most commonly found in the organs and bones of animals, which humans typically don’t consume in high quantities.

The best marine collagen powder supplements such as those sold here at Global Seafood are brimming with these essential amino acids. Adding our marine collagen powder to your meals, drinks or shakes allows them the be absorbed into your bloodstream in as little as two hours. Your body then takes the NeoCell marine collagen converts it into useable collagen.

The results are a more clear complexion, less inflammation in the joints, healthier hair, stronger bones, and muscles that heal much quicker after use. There are some of the more noticeable benefits of using marine collagen powder, however, long term use has been proven to help fight the signs of aging caused by free radicals, aid with weight loss, and even help manage blood sugar levels.

How to Use Marine Collagen Powder Effectively?

Our marine peptide powders are some of the best marine collagen supplements on the market. As such, you can rest assured that our powder has a neutral taste. Unlike other brands, we are able to offer pure marine collagen peptide powder without a fishy smell or fishy aftertaste. Adding our marine powder supplement to your tea, coffee, protein shakes or even your meals makes it easy to get your daily dose with ease.

One way to boost the effectiveness of marine collagen powder is to pair it with a vitamin C supplement or to increase how much vitamin C you include in your regular diet. There are many fruits and vegetables that you can add to your meals if you prefer not to double up on supplements. Increase this vitamin in your diet is essential because it is a co-factor in collagen synthesis. Consider adding our marine collagen powder to a glass of orange juice for an instant boost, or simply add more vitamin C rich vegetables to your meals along with our marine powder.

One of the best things about marine collagen is that unlike other nutritional supplements, heat will not reduce its effectiveness. You can add marine collagen powder to your favorite baked goods such as cookies and cakes, or you can boost the nutritional content of your stews and soups. Marine collagen peptides are able to survive temperatures as high as 300°C which makes them one of the only protein powders that can be used in cooking.

How To Choose The Best Quality Marine Collagen Powder

With so many different collagen supplements on the market, choosing the right one for your needs can get confusing pretty quickly. Here at Global Seafood we care for the health of our customers and always offer high-quality products and nutritional supplements. Although we always provide the best, we also feel it is important our customers are armed with enough facts to make an informed choice regarding any supplements they are considering.  Here are some things you should consider when choosing a marine collagen peptide powder supplement.

Think about what concerns you are interested in treating when choosing a supplement. Marine collagen powder specifically is an effective way to improve skin health and joint health thanks to the high concentration of type I collagen. It is also a good idea to look for marine collagen that is sourced from wild-caught fish. All fish produces high amounts of collagen, but the best marine collagen peptides come from non-GMO, wild-caught and sustainably produced marine life.

It is also a good idea to look over the amino acid profile of the marine collagen supplement you plan to take. A high-quality marine collagen powder will have high concentrations of hydroxyproline, proline, and glycine. These are the main ingredients that offer health benefits and the supplement should contain very little or no additives such as fillers, flavors, or dyes. Heavy metal residue is a common concern for anyone who eats large quantities of marine life and for those who are planning to take a marine-based supplement such as marine collagen peptide powder. Our supplements contain little to no heavy metal residues and any marine supplement you take should always feature third party testing for transparency.

The Best Marine Collagen From A Source Your Trust

Our hydrolyzed marine collagen is made from the bones and skin of responsibly and sustainably harvested marine life. We guarantee that our products are free of antibiotics and growth hormones that can affect the quality of our marine collagen powders. If you are looking for a delicious way to improve your health, marine peptide powders are a great option. Our supplements help improve:

  • Ligament flexibility
  • Bone strength
  • Tendon health
  • Gum health
  • Skin elasticity
  • Muscle strength
  • Hair, nails & eye health
  • Mental clarity
  • And so much more!

Our wild-caught marine collagen peptides are clean-sourced, keto-friendly, and paleo-friendly so no matter what your dietary restrictions may be, you can benefit from these healthy marine proteins. Our blend is also gluten-free and formulated to encourage health and beauty from the inside out. Simply add to your morning drink, sprinkle on your afternoon meal, or even add our tasteless powder to your recipes for a nutritious boost for your regular meals. 

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