Northwest Smoked Salmon Sampler - 5lbs

Northwest Smoked Salmon Sampler

Smoked salmon can be prepared using many different methods, and the Northwest Smoked Salmon Sampler pack is a wonderful way to try several varieties at once. This sampler pack is handcrafted by the Gerard and Dominique Seafoods company, which specializes in offering delectable smoked sockeye salmon for sale. They have been in operation since 1990 and use only the highest-quality, wild harvested salmon to ensure optimum flavor. They believe that using the best fish allows them to deliver you the best product!

The Northwest Smoked Salmon Sampler pack includes:
* 1.5 lb Sockeye Candy
* 2.5 lb Hot Smoked Sockeye Salmon
* 1 lb Sockeye Nova Lox

You will receive 5 lbs in total weight of savory salmon. A recommended serving size of salmon is 3 ounces. This sampler pack contains a generous 80 ounces of salmon, for a total quantity of 26.6 servings!

Gerard and Dominique Seafoods offer a wonderful opportunity to buy smoked sockeye salmon online. They use fresh Atlantic sockeye salmon that is line-caught in the pristine deep waters off the coast of Alaska. This is sashimi-grade salmon. Each fish is then skillfully hand-filleted at the company’s artisan smokehouse in Washington state. Seasonings are added and the fish is smoked over a combination of fruitwoods and hardwoods.

The smoking process takes several hours, and infuses the fish with natural color and flavor. Gerard and Dominique Seafoods smoke their fish in small batches to ensure a high-quality product-- every time. They make it possible to buy smoked sockeye salmon that has superior taste, right from the convenience of your home.

The Northwest style of smoked salmon-- which can also be referred to as ‘kippered salmon’-- is prepared in hot smoke. The result is a moist, flaky, fully-cooked piece of fish with complex flavors. Buy smoked salmon sampler to delight your palette with the tastiest salmon you will ever try!

The smoked salmon sampler price is a great deal given the quality and quantity of food you receive. It is also a perfect option for the salmon connoisseur who is curious enough to buy candied sockeye, but would like to enjoy the better-known saltier varieties too.

Nutritional Information

Salmon meat is a healthy source of protein and fat. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, iron, vitamins A, B, and D, selenium, zinc, and phosphorous. When consumed as part of a balanced diet, salmon may support brain function, maintain healthy skin and hair, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Gerard and Dominique Seafoods add seasoning ingredients to their smoked sockeye salmon to create delicious flavors in the Northwest Smoked Salmon Sampler:

* Candied Sockeye Bulk ingredients: Sockeye salmon, brown sugar, salt, cane sugar, apple juice concentrate, water, natural flavor, malic acid, ascorbic acid, spices and natural wood smoke
* Sugar Free Nova Lox ingredients: Sockeye salmon, salt, spices
* Hot Smoked Sockeye ingredients: Sockeye salmon, salt, cane sugar, spices, natural wood smoke, honey

A recommended serving size of smoked salmon is 85 grams, or 3 ounces. This amount of salmon, unseasoned, contains about 100 calories. Of these calories, about 65% are from fat and about 35% are from protein. Smoked salmon itself does not contain carbohydrates.

Smoked salmon contains about 665 mg of sodium per serving. It also offers 16 g of protein, and 149 mg of potassium. Based on a daily intake of 2,000 calories, one serving of unseasoned smoked salmon contains the following daily values:
* 5% total fat
* 4% saturated fat
* 6% cholesterol
* 27% sodium
* 0% carbohydrates
* 32% protein
* 1% Vitamin A
* 46% Vitamin B-12
* 145% Vitamin D
* 0% Calcium
* 3% Iron
* 2.5% Zinc
* 3% Magnesium
* 4% Potassium

Products from Gerard and Dominique Seafoods do not contain preservatives or coloring agents. They are passionate about sharing natural products with others.

The Hot Smoked Sockeye and Candied Sockeye for sale contain added sugar. All three types of salmon in the Northwest Smoked Salmon Sampler contain added salt. The Smoked Nova Lox does not contain sugar.

Where to Buy

You may be wondering where to buy smoked salmon sampler online. We are delighted to offer the Northwest Smoked Salmon Sampler right in our shop! You can purchase it directly through us using our online market. We are pleased have this excellent smoked salmon sampler for sale.

By supporting Gerard and Dominique Seafoods, a business based entirely in the USA, we are keeping our local economy strong. We also commend their ethical treatment of animals, as they use only wild-caught salmon in their products. Furthermore, their food offers many health benefits and never includes artificial colors or preservatives.

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with shipping details. Then you can look forward to receiving your delightful delivery!

Our Guarantee

We are proud to present you with a product that is fresh and delicious. We guarantee that this product is 100% made in the USA! The salmon is wild-caught off the coast of Alaska and smoked in Washington state. Gerard and Dominique Seafoods use only naturally-derived, high-quality ingredients. We strive to offer one of the best smoked sockeye salmon prices available.

Your order will arrive to you frozen. It is ready to be thawed and consumed, or stored. It is flavorful and seasoned. It can be served plain, with crackers, or with other ingredients as an hors d’oeuvre or meal. For instance, the Candied Smoked Salmon can be paired with cream cheese and dried cranberries atop toasted crackers.

If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you may return it to us for a full refund. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee!

Health Benefits

Scientific studies have confirmed the many benefits of consuming salmon as part of a healthy, well-balanced diet.

A diet rich in fatty fish offers a big helping of ‘healthy fat,’ also referred to as Omega-3 fatty acids. While fat is commonly thought of as something to be avoided, ‘healthy fats’ are actually a vital part of our diet. Unlike other fats, it is essential that we consume them, as our bodies are not able to produce them on their own. Omega-3s are responsible for:
* Lowering blood pressure
* Reducing levels of fat in the bloodstream (triglycerides)
* Lowering the risk of blood clots
* Improving function of arteries
* Boosting neuron function in the brain

Salmon is rich in high-quality protein. Protein is another essential nutrient-- one we must get from our diet because our bodies cannot produce it on their own. Protein helps our bodies:
* Heal when injured
* Protect bone health
* Maintain muscle mass

Like other high-protein foods, salmon helps our bodies regulate hormones that make us feel hungry and full. It regulates the hormone testosterone, which can help keep skin look youthful and free of blemishes (testosterone is present in both males and females, albeit in different amounts). Salmon’s anti-inflammatory properties can also help calm eczema.

Salmon may decrease the risk of heart disease since it is able to boost the amount of Omega-3s in the bloodstream. Most people have too many Omega-6 fatty acids in their blood, compared to Omega-3s. Research suggests that when the ratio of these two fatty acids is unbalanced, a greater risk of heart disease exists.

Studies also suggest that salmon may increase brain function. Our brains actually contain a significant amount of fat, which is necessary to protect them and ensure the transmission of signals between neurons. As we age, the fatty levels in our brains decline, which can expose our neurons to injury, inflammation, and reduced cognitive abilities.

Gerard and Dominique Seafoods use only wild-caught salmon, resulting in even more health benefits for you! When compared to farmed salmon, wild-caught salmon offers more Omega-3 fatty acids and is lower in calories. Wild salmon also lead lives as nature intended, in which they are able to live and swim freely. Healthier fish become healthier food!

Here are some healthy ideas for serving the fish varieties contained in your Northwest Smoked Salmon Sampler:
* Serve Hot Smoked Sockeye Salmon atop sliced cucumbers with a dollop of sour cream
* Pair Sockeye Nova Lox with capers and thin tomato slices; place atop crostinis
* Chop Sockeye Candy and serve with carrots that have been roasted in maple syrup

You will be excited to discover all of the delectable pairings you can create!


Your Northwest Smoked Salmon Sampler will arrive frozen and vacuum-sealed. It should be stored in a freezer or refrigerator in your home. Its shelf life depends on when it is opened and how it is stored. Unopened packages of salmon can be frozen for up to six months or refrigerated for up to four weeks. Refrigeration should be kept at 38 degrees or below.

Once opened, allow the salmon to thaw for half an hour before eating. As it thaws, the salmon will become supple in texture. Leftover contents from the opened package should be stored in airtight containers, refrigerated, and consumed within one week.

  • Wild Sockeye Salmon Caught in Alaska
  • Smoked Exclusively in Washington State
  • 100% of Ingredients Made in the USA!
  • Gerard & Dominique Seafoods Brand
  • 5 lbs.(1.5 lbs. Sockeye Candy, 2.5 lbs. Hot Smoked Sockeye Salmon, 1 lb. Sockeye Nova Lox)
Product Ingredients 
The salmon producer of this unique smoked salmon sampler believes that the highest quality fish is the most important element of the whole process resulting in the best taste and satisfaction. Not only do you get the prime cuts of fish but all natural and chemically-free enhancers. Buy smoked sockeye salmon online and experience the incredible taste sensation of the pure ingredients in these sampler items:
  • Sockeye Salmon Candy - Sockeye Salmon, Brown Sugar, Salt, Cane Sugar, Apple Juice Concentrate, Water, Natural Flavor, Malic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Spices and Natural Wood Smoke; dipped in brine to remove moisture and prevent spoilage then cold-smoked to perfection
  • Hot Smoked Sockeye Salmon - Sockeye Salmon, Salt, Cane Sugar, Spices, Natural Wood Smoke, Honey; hot-smoked to cook during smoking leaving a drier yet delicious product
  • Sockeye Salmon Sugar-Free Nova Lox (Oncorhynchus nerka) - Sockeye Salmon, Salt, Spices; cold-smoked in a hardwood and fruitwood blend to bring out the best flavors satisfying the most discerning lox lover. NO SUGAR ADDED!
Nutritional Information
It’s widely known that omega-3 fatty acids are the “good cholesterol” vital to our health and a 4 oz. portion or 1Ž2 fillet of salmon contains more than other fish and fulfills a complete daily requirement of Vitamin D. Essential minerals needed for metabolism are found in animal proteins. Salmon has the highest amount of the trace elements selenium, niacin, B12, magnesium and B6. Following is a listing of approximate recommended % Daily Values provided by a 4 oz. serving of salmon:
  • Vitamin B12 - 236%
  • Vitamin D - 127%
  • Selenium - 78%
  • Vitamin B3 - 56%
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids - 55%
  • Protein - 53%
  • Phosphorus - 52%
  • Vitamin B6 - 37%
  • Iodine - 21%
  • Choline - 19%
  • Vitamin B5 - 18%
  • Biotin - 15%
  • Potassium - 14%
Health Benefits
Many health problems arise due to inflammation causing diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, some types of cancers, heart disease and strokes. Omega-3s found in salmon are proven to assist in preventing, reducing and decreasing risks in the following areas:

Cardiovascular - reduces the risk of heart disease
Brain and Mood - decreases depression and risk of certain brain or age-related problems
Joints - decreases inflammation, balances collagen in bones and surrounding tissue
Eyes - reduces risk of macular degeneration and chronic dry eye
Metabolism - lowers blood sugar levels
Cancer - decreases risk of colorectal, prostate and breast cancers; evidence of decreases in leukemia, multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkins lymphoma

Studies show that protein molecules found in salmon help support joint cartilage, control digestive tract inflammation and improve insulin effectiveness. Bioactive peptides known as calcitonin, usually produced by the human body, are being researched in salmon showing a link that helps regulate and stabilize collagen and minerals in the bone. 

Find a store or supplier that has a good reputation for supplying fresh, sustainable and healthy fish. Talk to the fishmonger at your store, ask questions and research online to make sure you know what you are buying. Fresh fish does not smell fishy! You will get a pleasant, ocean-like smell from a fresh, healthy fish. Prepackaging can disguise the smell so, if possible, purchase unpackaged or frozen portions. If you buy sockeye smoked salmon, choose a source you know and trust. 

As soon as possible after purchasing put it in the refrigerator. Fish is extremely sensitive to temperature and most refrigerators are slightly warmer than is good for storing salmon. A suggestion is to put it in a baking dish filled with ice and place in the coldest section like the bottom shelf. If you need to keep it longer than a few days, freeze it. The shelf life of frozen fish is about two to three weeks but can be longer depending on the freshness of the fish when purchased.

Our Guarantee
Benefits of buying online offer you more than just best pricing. A high protein, low-fat, healthy source of great vitamins and minerals delivered to your home, excellent customer service and a 100% money-back guarantee are further reasons to buy our sockeye smoked salmon sampler package. Check further details on our web page or contact us for more information. 

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