Maine Lobster Claws

Maine Lobster Claws 2 lbs

We all love a good lobster dinner. But what if you're not into the mess and hassle of breaking down a whole lobster just to get to the lobster meat? What if you only like certain parts of a lobster? 

Pre-cut lobster claws are the answer to that dilemma!  

Everyone knows that the lobster claws are the best part of eating lobster. Some people ONLY eat the claws. If you won't miss the tail and the rest mess of cracking lobster shells, we make it possible for you with our lobster claws for sale.  

Maine lobster claws are just that, pre-cut and pre-cooked frozen lobster claws. Our lobster claws make it easier for you to enjoy a lobster meal at home without having to mess around with finding live lobster for sale. Depending on where you live, you might not even be able to find fresh lobster for dinner.  

Pre-cut lobster claws are also more convenient and accessible for those of us who don't have the hand strength or dexterity to break down a whole lobster. Pre-cute Lobster claws make lobster more accessible to everyone.  

Our giant lobster claws for sale are just as delicious as fresh off the boat lobster. We source our lobster from only the highest-quality lobster fishers who know when and where to find the biggest and most beautiful lobster. We do all the work of breaking down the lobster, so you don't have to.  

You might be wondering why we leave half the shell on the lobster claw. 

Why can't you just de-shell and freeze lobster meat? 

There are two reasons we leave half the shell on your lobster claws. 

First, presentation is everything. A giant lobster claw simply looks better when presented in the shell. Secondly, those succulent and tasty claw tips are delicate. If we were to remove the whole shell, you might lose half of your lobster claw to breakage, even when frozen. What you see is called empress cut lobster claws. We neatly and expertly remove the bottom half of the shell while preserving the top half of the shell for looks and protecting the lobster meat. 

But don't worry.

Once you defrost and reheat your lobster claws, simply pull off the top half of the shell and be well on your way to a fine lobster dinner. 

Global Seafoods Giant Lobster Claws for Sale:

Our cocktail cut lobster claws come in two-pound increments. Order two pounds for yourself, or 10 pounds for the whole family! 

 You can expect to find 6-9 lobster claws per pound. A two-pound bag of lobster claws will have 12-18 lobsters frozen and pre-cute lobster claws.  

With Global Seafoods, you get more of what you pay for. When you think about it, while it's fun to order a whole lobster, you're probably getting a whole lot more shell than meat. Steaming and eating whole lobsters is part food and part experience. If getting messy while breaking down an entire lobster is the experience you're looking for, you're getting just that with a whole steamed lobster. 


 If you want more lobster meat for your money, order claws for sale

When you order lobster claws by the pound, you're getting more tender and delicious lobster claw meat per pound. 

Pre-cut lobster claws are easier to serve to your guests and less clean up too. Imagine just how clean your floors will stay when you serve up a tray of steaming lobster claws at dinner instead of passing out the lobster crackers and letting your guests break down whole steamed lobsters. 

Lobster claws make it possible to have a seafood boil any time of the year instead of just in the warmer weather when you have to eat outside because a lobster boil is too messy! Enjoy fresh tasting and delicious lobster any time of the year by stocking your freezer full of frozen lobster claws. 

Ways to Use Pre-Cut Lobster Claws:

Your first instinct might be to reheat and serve our lobster claws with a pool of melted butter (and your instincts wouldn't be wrong) BUT now imagine huge chunks of lobster claw meat floating around in your famous lobster bisque recipe. 

Cocktail lobster claws are an easy way to cook and eat more lobsters without dealing with buying, cooking, and shelling whole lobsters (especially when you can't be outside for the deshelling). 

Here are some of our favorite ways to use frozen lobster claws:

  • Butter poached lobster claws
  • Just the claws lobster rolls. 
  • Put one or two lobster claws in a bowl of homemade ramen
  • Lobster claw chowder
  • Easy seafood boil with lobster claws and whole shrimp
  • Spicy lobster claws with linguine and cream sauce. 

For any recipe that calls for lobster, skip the whole lobster and go right to the convenience of frozen lobster claws. 

Defrosting and Reheating Frozen Lobster Claws the Easy Way

When you order frozen pre-cut lobster claws from Global Seafoods, they arrive at your door, still frozen over dry ice. 

If you're not ready to use your lobster claws just yet, simply pop them into your freezer, where they will keep until you're ready to eat them. 

Once you're ready to use your frozen lobster claws, follow these instructions:  

  1. On the morning you plan to serve your lobster claws, remove them from the freezer, and place them in the refrigerator. 
  2. By dinner time, your lobster claws should be defrosted. 
  3. Once defrosted, use your lobster claws as you would any lobster meat in recipes such as lobster bisque or lobster mac and cheese.  

To Reheat Lobster Claws:

*We recommend reheating your lobster claws with the shell on in the oven. The shell acts as a steamer for the lobster meat inside. * 

  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. 
  2. Create a pouch with aluminum foil and place your lobster claws with the shell on inside the foil. Before folding your pouch, sprinkle the lobster claws with a few drops of water. 1-2 tablespoons of water should be enough.
  3. Place your foil pouch on a baking sheet and place it in the oven. 
  4. Bake your lobster claw foil pouch for 7-10 minutes or until heated. 
  5. Serve immediately. 

But Remember...

Your lobster claws are pre-cooked. Be sure not to overcook them while reheating, or you will end up with a dinner that feels more like rubber than lobster.  

Ordering Lobster Claws From Global Seafoods: 

At Global Seafoods, we believe that wild-caught seafood is some of the healthiest and best tasting food you can eat. We've worked diligently to establish relationships with some of the best lobster fishers who work off the coast of Maine to catch you tender and healthy lobster. As believers in the health benefits of sustainably caught seafood, we wanted everyone to have access to wild-caught seafood, no matter where they lived. 

That's why we made the choice to shift from a brick and mortar seafood market to an accessible online fish market. Now you can get fantastic seafood no matter where you live. 

We've developed and perfected shipping options to ensure that your seafood arrives at your door still frozen. From the comfort of your home, you can place an order with us and know that your seafood will arrive tasting as fresh as the day it left the ocean.  

Check out our shipping page for more information and shipping instructions!

Easy and Convenient: 

When you add lobster claws to your cart, you'll find the convenience of multiple secure payment methods, including Apple Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, or entering your own credit card information.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is lobster healthy? 

Contrary to what you might think, lobster is a lean source of protein and minerals. The heaviness of a lobster dinner comes from the added creams, butter, and sauces people love to use with lobster.  

Cold lobster served over your favorite salad greens is a great way to enjoy lobster's taste and texture without the added fat and calories from creams and butter sauces.  

Calories in Lobster:

One 3.5 oz serving of lobster is just 89 calories. 

Lobster is high in protein, with 19 grams of protein per serving. That same 3.5 oz of lobster meat has just 1 gram of fat! Lobster is high in minerals such as phosphorus, selenium, and magnesium. Lobster is also a low mercury seafood.  

The bottom line: We should ALL be eating more lobster claws!  

Where can I find Lobster Claws for Sale? 

You can find lobster claws for sale while sitting in your pajamas on your couch with your phone or laptop in your hands. 

With Global Seafoods, there is no more making separate trips to the fish market (if you even have a fish market). We offer you all of the expertise and variety of your local fish market, with the convenience of online ordering and fast shipping. 

Here at Global Seafoods, we are building an online seafood resource complete with seafood recipes, seafood news, seafood tools, kitchen gadgets, AND of course, seafood. 

Let us be your one-stop-shop for all things seafood, and place an order today! 

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