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Norwegian Fish Oil for Healthy Mom

Norwegian Fish Oil Omega-3 

2,000mg Wild Norwegian Fish Oil Omega 3 Rich in Prenatal DHA for HEALTHY MOM; BABY, Burp less, Sustainable, for Brain & Heart Health (120 Soft gels)


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🐟 IMPROVE MENTAL ACUITY & HEART HEALTH: Are you are always forgetting where you put the keys? DHA can support and improve cognitive health and brain function, especially as we age!* EPA can help with cholesterol and heart health.* So you'll always be ready to tackle that Sunday crossword puzzle. 🐟 PURE AND UNPROCESSED: Our BEST OMEGA-3 FISH OIL from Norway comes in natural triglyceride form, which is what your body recognizes and absorbs the best! Our active ingredients are the perfect balance of 160mg EPA and 400mg DHA - both biologically active fatty acids. It's minimally processed wild fish oil with a hint of delicious natural lemon flavoring! 🐟 HELP YOUR PRECIOUS LITTLE ONE DEVELOP: Prenatal vitamins with DHA are essential for the healthy growth of your baby’s brain, eyes and nervous system. Women pass this amazing fatty acid to their babies while in the womb during pregnancy and afterwards while breastfeeding. DHA deficiency is associated with postpartum depression in new moms and learning disabilities in their children.* 🐟 ONLY THE FINEST INGREDIENTS: Every batch is made in a NSF GMP certified facility and THIRD PARTY QUALITY TESTED. Have peace of mind as there is NO dairy, added sugar, gluten or artificial additives in this natural fish oil supplement. 🐟 CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE BY THE MARINE STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL: Our fish oil with omega-3 is sourced from cod fisheries in Norway that don’t contribute to overfishing. They are certified sustainable. It's good for you and good for our planet! More

Customer Reviews