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Cliff Point Petite Oysters

Cliff Point Petite Oysters (50 PCS)

Arrives chilled, never frozen.

Cliff Point Petite Oysters- 50 Pcs Fresh, Live Oysters. 

Ship with gel ice overnight 
Flavor Profile: Briny with a pleasant vegetal flavors imparted by algae and a sweet finish.
Size: approximately a 2.5 - 3.25 inch shell (great for half shell consumption)

Our #1 oyster, famous for its sweet-and-salty cucumber flavor. Pacifics are gorgeous, with ruffled shells that can be colored green, brown, black, white, purple, and pink. The meats get big and plump, and can excel on the half shell or on the grill. We farm our Pacifics in a number of different bays, each with its own signature flavor.

Please note some time may be required to acquire product as it is fresh caught.  We will let you know immediately of any delays caused by fishing. 

Customer Reviews

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