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Japanese Sushi Knife

Damascus Stainless Steel Sashimi Kitchen Knife

Name:   inch 3cr13 420c paring knife
Handle: woodle handle 
Craft : optical lens processing forging process.
Sharpness level : Hight standards.

1* 9.5inch Sashimi knife
Overall Length: 358mm(14 inch)
Blade length: 242mm(9.5inch)
Blade thickness: 1.5mm
Blade Width:40mm
Net weight:93g

Do you want to cut sushi like the pros? With a Japanese sushi knife you will be on your way to becoming a top chef. Along with a beveled and razor-sharp edge, the look of this finely crafted sushi knife is a work of art in itself. Breathtaking beauty forged from Damascus steel will ensure that each cut is precise and smooth.


How to Use Our Sushi Knife


You can use a sushi knife for just about any daily task that your kitchen can throw at it. Mincing, chopping, and cutting will speed by like a breeze with the help of this stunningly crafted blade. This 14-inch blade is perfectly weighted for cutting sushi, sashimi, and raw fish of all types. When you pick up this exquisite Japanese chef knife, you will be able to feel the difference immediately.


Our Japanese kitchen knife features a long, thin, 14-inch yanagiba along with a weighted handle. The shape and unique crafting allow you to use minimal pressure while gliding through each slice. Cutting premier fish has never been more effortless. Simply start by gently placing the blade along your desired vector and softly pull the sushi cutting knife back towards your body. The sharpness of the blade allows you to achieve a perfect slice eat time without damaging the cell walls of the fish.


Features of Our Damascus Sashimi Knife  


Our sushi chef knife is designed with a single-sided blade.  It features an angle on one side while remaining flat on the other making it the best knife for cutting sushi and other raw fish. Single side angling allows for maximum control while cutting delicate slices of fish. The single-sided angle also makes sharpening the knife much easier.


Any quality Japanese chef's knife must have a proper mix of balance and weight to offset its size. Our Damascus steel sushi knife has a weighty ergonomic handle made of luxurious Pakka wood. The 14-inch blade is perfectly balanced by the handle which prevents hand fatigue while cutting. The ergonomic handle also allows you to grip the knife with less pressure while performing precision slices. The Damascus steel is sturdy enough to handle all of your kitchen work but soft enough to prevent damage to your sushi, sashimi, or other raw fish.


Caring For Your Sushi Knife


When you in the market to buy one of the best Japanese chef knife found online, chances are you plan on dropping a generous amount of money. Purchasing a high-quality knife will help you make perfect cuts and allow you to present your dishes in a professional manner. Aside from simply buying a high-quality sushi knife, it is also important to know how to properly care and maintain your blade.


Stainless steel is highly resistant to rust, but due to the nature of the metal, it is slightly less sharp than carbon steel. Most kitchen knives are crafted out of stainless steel which makes them relatively low maintenance. These types of knives are often less sharp due to the type of metal which is why most chefs or home cooks prefer a Japanese steel knife for sushi and sashimi preparation.


Damascus steel is most commonly used when crafting a Japanese fillet knife which is why they often have a keener edge. These blades are actually a mix of various steel materials making them perfect for precision work such as sushi fillets and raw fish fillets.


Keeping all this in mind, taking care of your Damascus Japanese fish knife requires a bit more care and attention than traditional knives. Blades made from pure stainless steel are resistant to rust, sushi knives are a blend, which means they have less resistance. You should always wash your sushi knife after each use, and make sure to dry it with a cloth to prevent rusting. Some chefs may prefer to avoid washing their knives in an effort to season them, but acidic food such as citrus juice or even some fish juices may cause pits and dents in the blade.


Your Perfect Sushi Knife For Life!


If you are looking for the best knife for sushi that is crafted with comfort in mind, you will love our Damascus steel sushi knife. The wooden handle offers the perfect balance to the long blade. This helps to reduce hand fatigue while cutting and also helps to support the perfect amount of wrist control needed for expert cuts. Our durable blade is one of the best sushi knife on the market for both professional chefs and home cooks alike.


The durable steel is guaranteed to stand up to as much work as you can throw at it without denting, chipping, or breaking. The ergonomic handle works well in conjunction with the single edges bevel that allows you to create super-thin slices with minimal pressure. Our Damascus steel also has an added vacuum heat-treatment that increases its performance and further sharpens its edge.


Beautify Your Kitchen With An Aesthetic Sushi Knife


The search for the best Japanese knife will certainly bring you a wealth of options. Some offer sharp edges while others may feature special details such as unique wooden handles. The blade is the most important part of any sushi knife, but a chef worth their salt will also be interested in aesthetics.


Our Damascus steel sushi knife offers the best of both worlds. A sharp blade with a beveled edge that is perfectly balanced with a sturdy wooden handle alone with artistic details to match. The surface of this stunning blade offers an eye-catching wood grain pattern that offers a unique aesthetic to fit any kitchen. The pattern is also as functional as it is attractive. The gentle waves of the pattern work to whisk moisture away from the edge of your knife which supports a perfect cut with every stroke. If you are looking for the best sushi knife on the market that also looks pleasing to the eye, you can't go wrong with our Damascus steel sushi knife. 


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