Fish Filleting Japanese Sashimi Knife

Japanese Sashimi Knife 8"

If you are looking to make some amazing homemade sushi, then you will need the proper knife for the job.  Any old knife will not do and may ruin the structure and the esthetic qualities of your cuts.  For this you will need the best Filleting Knives on the market, and the best Fish Fillet Knife is made from Damascus Steel.  Damascus Steel knives are folded over many times to create a strong and resilient material that will hold a sharp edge, resist any bend or shattering, and when made with a Stainless Steel finish, will keep off corrosion and rust.  For these reasons Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives are undoubtably the best on the market.  This knife has been made with a high grade Japanese Damascus Steel that has been folded and hammered out, making it the Best Japanese Sashimi Knife that money can buy.

Using The Right Tool For The Job

Some people like to use one knife for absolutely anything in the kitchen, and then wonder why things don't come out right.  In your tool shed you have many tools for many occasions, and you wouldn't use the wrong tool.  Using a vegetable knife to fillet a fish is like trying to use an Allan wrench when a flathead screwdriver is needed.  When you are looking to fillet a fish or make sashimi, you need a fish fillet knife.  If you order this Professional Fish Filleting Knife then you will have the absolutely correct tool for the job!  But once again, don't use this knife for everything either!  Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives may be incredibly sharp and efficient, but a knife that is designed for filleting should not be used for general slicing and chopping.  For that you need something like a Professional Chef Knife that is made from Damascus Steel.


Estimated Delivery Time: 6-13 days

  • Type: Fish Fillet Knife
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Knife Type: Filleting Knives
  • Model Number: SL-DK2006R
  • Certification: LFGB,CIQ,FDA
  • Brand Name: YOUSUNLONG
  • Material: Damascus Steel
  • Item: professional fish filleting knife
  • Design: fish fillet knife
  • Style: tools knife for fillet
  • Full length: 333mm
  • weight: 0.191kg
  • Handle Color: Red wooden handle
  • Function: professional chef knife
  • Blade Material: Damascus Steel kitchen knives
  • Blade thick: 2.5mm fish knife
  • knife

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