Osetra caviar

Global Seafoods Ultimate Guide to Osetra caviar

Throughout most of history, Osetra caviar, imperial Osetra caviar, and Russian Osetra was only a delicacy enjoyed by the rich and powerful. Through concentrated efforts by fishermen and roe lovers the world over, Osetra caviar farming has made black caviar more accessible than ever. If you are in the market for some Russian Osetra or just want to know more about Osetra caviar fish, Global Seafoods has you covered.

What is Black Caviar?


Black caviar comes from sturgeon roe, exclusively. It is a delicacy made of up fish eggs that are unfertilized and harvested at the peak of their growth cycle. The average color of premium caviar will range from the deepest place all the way to a silverfish grey. One of the reasons that black caviar is so costly is that its production cycle is so long and cost so much to cultivate. In fact, black caviar is among the world's most treasured culinary luxuries.

How to Distinguish Quality Black Caviar From a Bad One?

Global Seafoods offers only premium quality golden Osetra caviar, Osetra sturgeon caviar, and other caviars. However, it is critical to know how to spot a good royal Osetra caviar and bad or low-quality black caviar. Chef Daniel Boulud designed a system that is extraordinarily effective in categorizing Osetra sturgeon caviar and other types of black caviar with ease. The system is called The Three T’s which stands for tone, texture, and taste. When it comes to black caviar or any type of caviar, these are the qualities that hold the most importance.

High-quality Russian Osetra should have no unpleasant flavors present. Osetra caviar should also not contain any bitterness or be overly salty. Osetra caviar fish produce roe that is just firm enough to break apart with the tongue without busting upon impact. That being said, caviar Osetra should moreover have a gentle pop when pressed directly against the hard palate in the mouth.

The tone of imperial Osetra caviar is also defined mainly by its color. Good quality Osetra sturgeon caviar should have a gentle glisten on the roe exterior and it should also be clear. Determining the exact quality of a batch of black caviar is not always straightforward, but following the Three T method will help. Caviar that has an unpleasant taste, smell, or color is either old, expired, or has been poorly processed.

What Types of Osetra Sturgeon Caviar Are There?


There are 27 living species of sturgeon fish, but royal Osetra caviar, Russian Osetra caviar, and other types of black Osetra sturgeon caviar are taken only from 7 specific fish. Even though there are 7 main Osetra caviar fish, most people are only able to buy five different types of black caviar in the global market.

  • Sevruga sturgeon is similar to Osetra sturgeon caviar, though Siberian sturgeon has its own unique flavor. The dark grey eggs are very small and have a delicate flavor profile. The buttery flavor and unique twang make them highly sought after.
  • Kaluga sturgeons are freshwater fish that produce slightly salty and slightly buttery roe. The color of these eggs are khaki or block, but older Kalugas can also produce yellow caviar. It can be easy to mistake golden Osetra caviar with Kaluga if you are new to caviar profiles.
  • Beluga sturgeon produces the largest roe and is often considered the best black caviar on the market. The taste is mild enough for those who don’t favor fish and it also produces Almas, one of the rarest caviars in the world. If you love Osetra caviar, then you will also appreciate Beluga.
  • Osetra caviar fish produce dark-colored roe that carries the naturally salty taste of the sea. The flavor profile is rather nutty which is paired with a creamy, rich texture. Golden Osetra caviar and imperial Osetra caviar are best sellers.
  • Nothing beats caviar Osetra, but American sturgeon caviar fish is able to hold its own. The roe comes from white sturgeon, lake sturgeon, and Atlantic sturgeon but has its own flavor profile. Osetra caviar price can be rather steep for those new to caviar making American caviar a reasonable alternative.

Beluga vs Osetra Caviar - Understanding The Difference

Osetra caviar fish produce some of the best caviar Osetra roe that you will ever taste. That being said, Beluga caviar also holds the same claim to fame. Both imperial Osetra caviar and Beluga caviar are top caviar types, but there is some difference between them. The main difference is between Osetra caviar price and Beluga caviar price, the latter being harder to source with a higher price tag.

Beluga sturgeons have a very slow reproduction cycle which makes their quantities more limited than Russian Osetra and other Osetra caviar types. In fact, many Beluga caviar dishes are not legal in many places. Golden Osetra caviar on the other hand is less rare, but still highly sought after. Beluga starts off at $7k per kg whereas royal Osetra caviar starts at $2.5k per kg.

There is also a difference in taste between Russian Osetra caviar and Beluga caviar. Beluga is buttery, and creamy, with a nutty flavor topped with sea salt. Osetra sturgeon caviar is also creamy with a slight taste of nuttiness, but the saltiness is less defined. Osetra caviar is bolder in flavor while Beluga caviar is milder in flavor.

Enter The World of Black Caviar with Global Seafoods

Black caviar is one of the best caviar options on the market. Each type has its own distinct characteristics that will appeal to a range of palates. If you are interested in adding these luxurious delicacies to your menu, we are here to help. Check out our comprehensive selection of premium caviar (here). We offer overnight shipping so your caviar will arrive as fresh as possible.