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Red King Crab Legs Jumbo - 10 lbs

Alaskan Red King Crab Legs Jumbo 

Alaskan king crab legs earned the title of "king" for many reasons. It isn't just the size of their gigantic clusters of jumbo legs and thick claws or their impressive overall weight, though those facts certainly contributed to their reputation; their succulent, tender meat has such an excellent flavor, people can't get enough. Demand is high and supply is low, but you can usually find this delicacy in the most exclusive restaurants around the world. The meat from colossal king crab legs is versatile and simple to prepare, full of amazing health benefits and it's useful and delicious in a wide variety of dishes. Appetizers, side dishes and main dishes alike will all benefit from the addition of our incredible jumbo king crab legs.

High Quality Alaska King Crab

 As with all our products, we guarantee that we have the highest quality frozen fresh king crab legs for sale and for the best price anywhere. With a perfect taste for any meal, an impressive shelf life and the convenience of being shipped right to your door, we invite you to buy king crab online today! Check out any of our competitors with Alaskan king crab for sale online and we're sure you'll agree that we're the best choice.

 Caught in Russia, these big legs are blast frozen to lock in freshness and taste. They will be delivered to your home in a box packed with dry ice and you will receive 6 to 9 Alaskan crab legs in each box, with each giant leg being between 1.11-1.66 lbs.

If you're looking for a succulent, rich treat for yourself, your family or your friends, you've come to the right place. Purchase from us today and experience the quality and taste fit for a king!

  • Best Crab Legs Online (Paralithodes camtschaticus) 
  • 6/9 Size Grade (6-9 legs per 10lbs)
  • 1.11-1.66 lbs per leg
  • Largest Size On Market
  • Caught & Processed In Russia

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