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Raw Salmon Eggs Fresh

Salmon Eggs Unprocessed

Raw unprocessed Salmon eggs!  Do you prefer to make your own caviar at home?  Do you have an old secret recipe for red caviar salting or do you want to try to do it yourself?  Fresh raw salmon roe that is ready to be processed at home!  This salmon caviar has not yet been salted and still is in the sack in its raw form! 

All caviar produced for the US market needs to be made in a specific manner with an exact amount of salt.  With raw caviar you can treat your roe exactly how you like it!

There are many ways to prepare salmon roe.  The most popular is the brine salting method or even the dry salting method as well.  In Japan chefs like to marinade raw roe in say sauce and other ingredients for use in many culinary creations including ikura sushi. 

Other ways of preparation involve slating and drying for a crunchy snack, or even cooking into stews or frying up as preferred by many indigenous tribes and cultures around the world.

This product must be salted and treated by the consumer.  Do not consume raw salmon roe without proper treatment and salting.  Consuming unsalted or improperly processed roe runs the risk of food borne illness and severe food borne parasites.


  • Salmon Eggs
  • Wild Caught
  • Raw
  • Encased in Roe Sack, Spilled Roe Possible
  • Caught in Alaska
  • Ingredients: Salmon Roe
  • No Additional Preservatives
  • Ship Overnight Fresh
  • Arrives chilled, not frozen.

Recommended Serving Method: 

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