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Wild Mexican Jumbo Blue Prawns

Wild Mexican Blue Prawns

Pre Sale - Shipping September 10, 2019

(Litopenaeus stylirostris)

5 lbs

Jumbo Size 16/20 pound

Caught off the coast of Mazatlan on the Sea of Cortez, these prawns are one of the highest quality prawns you can find on the market.  For starters, they are wild caught using the most modern methods that result in highly sustainable fishing.  Using modern suripera nets, fishermen are able to guarantee some of the lowest by catch rates in the entire industry, resulting in precise fishing that doesn’t disturb other species.  These prawns are always monitored when they are caught to guarantee the highest quality.


 Our prawns will never contain any chemicals!  Many producer of prawns will fill their products with additional chemicals and salts in order to boost size or flavor.  Our prawns are naturally large and have a naturally sweet flavor with a nice tender texture.  These are guaranteed to be some of the tastiest prawns you have ever tasted.