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Wild Mexican Jumbo Shrimps

Wild Mexican Blue Shrimps

(Litopenaeus stylirostris)

5 lbs

Jumbo Size 16/20 pound

Caught wild off the sunny and scenic coast of Mazatlán, fresh out of the deep blue waters of the sea of Cortez, the quality of these jumbo Mexican blue shrimps truly makes them a catch. Boasting a naturally sweet flavor and tender texture, these shrimps make for a delectable part of any dish. For example, you may use them to make mouthwatering, zesty, chilled Mexican shrimp cocktails that will be the life of any cocktail party. Or perhaps a creamy shrimp scampi that will impress your dinner guests. Whatever way you choose to prepare them you can be confident in knowing you have chosen the finest shrimp there is.


Choosing our shrimp means you will be getting the finest quality, all natural, environmentally friendly shrimp on the market. These shrimps are caught wild on small boats called pangas which release far less emissions than traditional shrimp boats. Then using an artisanal fishing method in which fishermen use the tides and wind, modern suripera nets are drifted through the water to catch the shrimps. This special method allows our fishermen to use the upmost precision in catching shrimps without disturbing the other species dwelling in their ecosystem, nor harming coral reefs like other methods do. This method of fishing was developed by fishermen from the local community to ensure that the local ecosystem that they hold so dear would not be damaged by harmful fishing practices.

The shrimp captured by these fishermen are then checked to ensure they are of the highest quality, only the biggest and best of these delectable Mexican blue shrimp meet our standards. The shrimps that do pass are then sent our facility, where we blast freeze them and then have them processed and shipped within hours of capture to ensure that you get the freshest all-natural shrimps on sale.

Our wild caught shrimps will never contain any chemicals!  Many producers of shrimps will fill their products with additional chemicals and salts in order to artificially boost size or flavor.  Our prawns are naturally large and have a naturally sweet flavor with a nice tender texture. These are guaranteed to be some of the most luxurious, tender, and delicious jumbo shrimps you have ever had.

Furthermore, our company are also committed to protecting the ocean by reducing the effect of destructive fishing practices. Through fair trade fishermen will earn extra income to invest in projects to support their local ecosystem and communities that produce these wonderful shrimps.

Customer Reviews

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