Cold Water Lobster Tails - 5lbs

American Lobster  Tail - Homarus americanus

Cold Water Lobster

Also known as the Canadian Lobster, and Maine Lobster, the American Lobster is considered to be the most popular of all of the lobster species.  Lobster tails are a product of 19th and 20th century industrialization and migration, as it gained popularity when its lovers started moving across the country, taking their taste for lobster with them.  Since then Lobster has been considered one of the highlights of fine dining.  There are not many food combos that outrank the classic surf & turf, which consists of a prime beef steak and a lobster tail.  Nothing says we're having fine dining like Maine Lobster for Dinner!

Lobster Tails

Lobster is one of the most popular types of seafood. There are some people who like the claws best because the meat is sweet and tender. There are other people who prefer the lobster tail. There is more meat in the lobster tail and it is easier to eat. It takes more work to get the meat from the claw than it does the tail. If you are planning to serve lobster tail, there are a few things that you should know before you go to the market to shop for lobster tails for sale. Before you buy lobster tails, you should know a bit about it so you can ensure that you are getting the best food for your money. 

Where Was the Lobster Caught?

When it comes to buying lobster tails, you want to find out where they were caught. Warm water lobsters are usually trapped in Florida, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Lobsters that were trapped in warm water are softer. Even if they are cooked properly, they don't firm up the way that they should. Also, many people who purchase lobsters who were living in warm water claim that they have a slight ammonia odor. It is best to go with lobsters that were trapped in Maine because the water is old. Lobsters that were caught in cold water have meat that is whiter and more firm. They also taste cleaner. Also, the cold water allows the lobsters to grow more slowly, which makes the meat more tender and it tastes better. If you ask the provider where the lobster was trapped and they cannot tell you, it is best to find another provider. If you are planning to buy a lobster and it has black spots on the shell, it typically means that it is a warm water lobster. 

Fresh Lobster Tail vs Pre-Frozen

There are a few benefits of buying your lobster tail pre-frozen. First, the shelf life for pre-frozen lobster tail is longer as long as it remains pre-frozen until you buy it. Also, the cost of pre-frozen lobster tail is less than if you buy it fresh. Unfortunately, pre-frozen lobster tail doesn't taste as good as if you buy it fresh. Lobster is a delicacy. If you are going to serve lobster tail, it is best to pay a few extra dollars for a fresh, better tasting lobster tail. 

How To Store Fresh Lobster

The way that you store your lobster is important not for the way that the lobster will take, but for your health. The temperature is very important. Fresh lobster needs to stay cold, therefore, you should keep it in the back of your refrigerator where it is the coldest. Also, you don't want to store the lobster in water. This will kill it, creating bacteria to grow that can make you very sick. You should keep your lobsters in a cardboard box or a large pan, covered with a damp cloth.

What Is the Shelf Life For a Fresh Lobster

As long as your store your lobster properly, it can stay in your refrigerator for one to two days. If you leave it in the refrigerator for any longer, you risk it dying in the refrigerator. This will make it inedible and it will be a huge waste of money. 

Buy Lobster Tails Online

There are plenty of companies that allow you to buy lobster tails online. Before you buy your lobster tail online, it is important to do some research before you place your order. Some companies will ship your lobster frozen, while others will keep it on ice until it gets to your home. Before you buy, you should find out if your tail will be shipped frozen. As stated above, pre-frozen lobster will never taste as good as fresh. While the lobster tail price might be lower if it is pre-frozen, it won't taste as good. 

Serving Size

If you want to have a hearty meal that will fill you up, the amount that you serve is important. The minimum size of a lobster is about one pound. The maximum size is between 3 and 4 pounds. If you are serving just the tail, the entire weight of the lobster isn't an issue. It is the size of the tail. If you are planning a surf and turf meal, a lobster tail with an 8-ounce steak, you should serve 8 ounces of lobster per person. If the lobster tail is going to be the main course, you should serve a 5 to 6 ounce tail per person. 

Preparing Your Lobster Tail

Lobster tail can be absolutely delicious as long as it is prepared properly. There are a few ways to prepare lobster tail. It can be boiled, grilled, or broiled. 
• Boiling lobster tails: To boil your lobster tails, fill up a pot with enough water to cover the tails. Bring the water to a boil then carefully drop the tails in. When the tails are in the water, allow it to come to a boil again. Let the lobster tails cook for about 3 ½ minutes. Take out the largest tail and check the meat in the meatiest part of the tail. If it is white and not translucent, it is ready. 
• Grilling lobster tails: Start by parboiling your lobster in a pot of boiling water. When the water reaches a boil, turn it down to simmer for 2 minutes for each 4 to 5-ounce tail. Next, insert a skewer lengthwise into each tail. This will keep it from curling up during grilling. Lay the tails on their backs with the soft side of the shell facing up. With a knife, pry the shell open a bit and pour melted butter and lemon juice into the meat. Finally, grill with the cut side facing up and cook on medium heat for 2 to 3 minutes. Be sure to test the tails often so that you don't overcook them. 
• Broiling the lobster tail: Prepare your tail by cracking the shell in half and then pull the meat up from the shell. Be sure to leave the tail attached to the end of the shell. Brush the lobster with butter and add any seasoning that you prefer. Broil the lobster 5 inches from the heat for 4 minutes. Baste the lobster with butter and then broil it for an additional 3 minutes. 

If you want to buy the freshest, tastiest lobster tails, you should buy your product from our shop. When it comes to the best lobster price, ours are the best in town. 
  • American Lobster Tails
  • Raw (uncooked), frozen
  • Individually quick frozen (IQF)
  • Not vacuum packed
  • 4-5oz per tail
  • 16-20 tails per case
Nutritional Information 
Lobster tail is very good for you. It is lower in fat and calories than other meats such as chicken, pork, and beef. It is also loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. Not only is this good for your memory and your brain, adding it regularly will also lower your risk of developing heart disease. The nutritional information alone is enough to make you want to buy lobster tails. 
• Calorie Count: The calorie count in a whole lobster tail depends on the weight of the tail. However, according to the US Department of Agriculture, there are 90 calories in 100 grams of lobster tail meat. 
• Fat: Lobster tail meat is very low in fat. There is just 1 gram of fat per every 100 grams of lobster meat. Also, lobster tail meat contains no trans fat or saturated fat. 
• Sodium: Lobster tail meat is low in sodium. There is 296 mg of sodium in 100 grams of meat. The way that you serve your lobster tail can change this. Many people eat their tail dipped in butter and salt. This will drastically increase the sodium level of the meat. 
• Protein: Lobster tail is very high in protein. There are 19 grams of protein in each 100-gram serving. Since protein is important in building muscle and giving you energy, lobster tail is an excellent food choice. 
• Other Nutrients: Lobster tail is high in vitamin A, which is a great antioxidant. It is also high in vitamin B, which is important for fast metabolism. It is also rich in magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc, which are all essential minerals. 

Our Guarantee
We strive to sell our customers only the meatiest and the freshest lobsters available. When you purchase your lobster tails from us, you can be sure that they are clean, fresh, and the meat is the whitest of the white. When you buy from us, you can be sure that your lobster tails will be fresh, not frozen, and delicious. You can be confident when you buy from us. 

As mentioned above, the way that the lobster tail is transported is very important. If the tail is not kept cold enough during delivery, it can have a negative effect on the taste and the texture of the meat. When you buy from us and you have your tails delivered, you can be sure that they will be just as cold as the day that the lobster was taken from the water. When the lobster arrives at your door, it will be cold and ready to cook. Contact us for shipping details. 

Lobster tails are delicious and they are good for you. They are great when served with steak or with a salad or potato. Lobster tails are also delicious on their own. If you want to order the freshest and the best tasting lobster tails for sale, buy lobster tails from our store. When it comes to cost, we also guarantee the best lobster tail price. Visit our market or call for shipping details.

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