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Smoked Coho Salmon Original - 16oz (453g)

Smoked Coho Salmon

It all starts with pristine wild coho salmon caught in the ice cold waters of Alaska. Then, each salmon is hand filleted and smoked in small batches over a blend of fruitwoods and hardwoods for a beautifully moist, flaky, fully cooked finish. Whether you call it "Northwest Style", "hot-smoked" or "kippered", we guarantee you will find ours to be unlike any you have ever tasted.
Two French Chefs; Chef Dominique Place and Chef Gerard Parrat were recruited in the 1980's to expand the French culinary movement in America. After some years they both settled in Seattle as their new home and each opened their own intimate French Bistro. Unable to find a smoked salmon to their liking, they created one. The Executive Chefs from the Four Seasons and the Fairmont Hotels were regular patrons, and they loved Gerard & Dominique's smoked salmon. After multiple requests, they convinced them to make it for their hotels; and with that, Gerard & Dominique Seafoods was born.


  • 4oz vacuum pack
  • Premium Grade Hot Smoked Salmon
  • Certified Non-GMO
  • Certified Kosher
  • Gerard & Dominique Seafoods Brand
  • Ingredients: Coho Salmon, Salt, Sugar, Spices
  • Caught in Alaska
  • Smoked in Washington State
  • one package= 4oz
  • 4 packages total= 16oz
  • $10.00 for 4oz
  • UPC: 760537089496

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