Snail Caviar - 30 grams

Snail Caviar - Fresh, Never Frozen- 30 Grams 

Arrives chilled, never frozen.

Snail caviar is the pearly white eggs that come from two different kinds of land snails! We are a seafood company, but caviar is caviar, and snail egg caviar must be on the list of the world's most exciting caviars. 

Caviar is the roe or eggs from reproductive animals, typically seafood. 

Snail eggs caviar might be somewhat of a unique twist on fish caviar for our seafood lovers. Escargot and snail have been a delicacy served around the world for centuries. Unlike salmon roe, although similar in size, snail caviar features a distinct and unique earthy flavor. 

Restauranteurs and enthusiasts around the world find snail caviar as exciting and delectable as many top-tier caviars. 

What is Snail Caviar? 

Snail caviar is a luxury food item produced on snail caviar farms, primarily in France, Poland, and Austria. A snail caviar farm raises these land snails to harvest the roe or eggs for your dinner table. The snail roe is hand-harvested using tweezers. The delicate process involves sorting, cleaning, and preparing a brine to preserve the unique flavor and texture of the pearls. 

A sustainable luxury:

When you buy snail caviar, you can be comfortable knowing that you are eating a product produced and processed using a no-kill method. Seafood roe is difficult to harvest without fully processing the fish, although fisheries are working on no-kill technology. Snail farmers can bring escargot pearls to your table without harming the snails. 

How Much is Snail Caviar? 

Snail caviar finds itself on a similar price point as many top-tier caviars, averaging some years at around $40/ounce but sometimes going even higher. But there is an explanation for the higher snail caviar price

You see, one snail only produces 50 to 100 eggs per year! Yes, per year! Those eggs must be hand-harvested, sorted, and cleaned using a very delicate and intricate process to preserve the integrity of the caviar pearls. Snail caviar is typically preserved in brine since pasteurization can negatively affect the flavor and texture of the pearls. 

Snail farms must control the snails' environment, including their lighting, temperature, and atmospheric conditions to produce the best possible snail pearls. Our snail caviar for sale comes in a 30-gram tin, giving you just over one tablespoon of white caviar snail pearls. We know the snail caviar cost isn't for everyone, but for the snail caviar enthusiast, the experience of eating these delicious and delicate pearls is priceless. 

People use snails throughout the world. Their use ranges from high-end spa treatments using snail slime to finding escargot and snail eggs in high-end restaurants. Now you can enjoy fresh, never frozen, snail caviar pearls at home and impress all your most sophisticated dinner guests. 

How Does Snail Caviar Taste? 

Imagine a brisk, cool walk through the forest after a gentle rain shower. You can best describe snail caviar as tasting like the earthy undertones of the woods with the choice flavor of your favorite wild mushrooms. Snail caviar pearls have a smooth, silky texture that pops in your mouth. As they pop, your mouth floods with earthy undertones and the woodsy flavor of wild mushrooms. Snail caviar eggs are slightly crunchier than their counterpart from the sea. 

How Long will Snail Caviar Last? 

Our fresh snail caviar eggs are preserved in salt brine, just like other fresh caviar. Unopened, a tin of snail caviar will last three months. Once you open your tin of snail pearls, you'll want to eat them within a week, but we doubt they will last even that long. 

How to Serve Snail Caviar?  

Snail caviar is a decadent treat served by itself, but you can serve snail caviar any way you do traditional caviar. You can even serve them side by side. 

Some of our favorite ways to eat white snail caviar include:  

  • On toast points
  • Served over soft boiled eggs
  • As a garnish to your favorite dishes or even cocktails
  • Served with creme fraiche 
  • Served over avocado toast
  • A garnish to your favorite sushi
  • By itself on a spoon! 

Snail caviar is a uniquely flavored culinary item that is growing in popularity worldwide. You can serve a few pearls to your dinner guests as an appetizer or in between courses for a delicious pallet cleanser. No matter how you choose to serve our snail egg caviar, we promise you won't be disappointed, nor will your dinner guests. 

Ordering Snail Caviar Pearls from Global Seafoods: 

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