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Pink Hollandaise sauce with olive oil

March 10, 2020

Hollandaise sauce


The Perfect Sauce To Pair With Your Freshly Cooked Salmon

When it comes to seafood, any good cook should have a staple hollandaise sauce recipe on standby. Of course, you can always pick up a jar from the supermarket, but why settle for mediocre when you can craft a rich, full-bodied low fat hollandaise sauce at home?

If you are new to cooking seafood, or if you have never had sauce along with your fish, you may be wondering what does hollandaise sauce taste like? The best way to describe this delicious sauce is to liken it to a lemony, creamy butter that is very rich and robust. After all, it is made from raw egg yolks, lemon juice, and salt, so there is little to affect the overall flavor profile.


Although hollandaise is made from egg yolks, you should be happy to note that there are only 3 grams of carbs in hollandaise sauce per ounce. There are also only 78 calories in hollandaise sauce per ounce, so having a side with your fish won’t derail your diet or your healthy eating efforts.

Making Pink Hollandaise Sauce From Scratch

Now that you have a general idea about hollandaise sauce nutrition, as well as how you can expect the sauce to taste, let’s put a unique spin on it to make it your own. What better way to impress your family or your guest than serving salmon with hollandaise sauce, with a modern twist they have never tasted! Pink grapefruit hollandaise sauce with olive oil is not your neighbor's seafood sauce, it is something better.


Regular hollandaise is made with clarified butter, and since you are no longer wondering what does hollandaise sauce taste like, you will understand the difference when we swap out some staples. Instead of using butter, we will use cold-pressed olive oil to help bring out the tartness of the citrus. While lemon offers an amazing zest, we want to take it in a different direction by using the tart juice of a pink grapefruit instead.


Hollandaise is not only for salmon, being that there are low carbs in hollandaise sauce, you can use it with red meat fish and white fish generously.  Use it in a thick spread over your fish, or use it as a dipping sauce during parties, pink grapefruit hollandaise is sure to be a hit at every occasion.

Preparation Tips For Hollandaise Sauce

Low fat hollandaise sauce is always assumed to be difficult to make type of dish that should be left to the experts. While there is a little bit of effort involved, taking it slow and paying close attention will ensure that your gluten free hollandaise sauce comes out smooth, delicious, and perfect each time you make it.


The trick to making sure that your sauce doesn’t separate is to take your time during the mixing and folding process. Otherwise, you end up with a sauce that looks like scrambled eggs. While it may taste okay, it is not visually appealing in any way. If you are thinking about using this sauce as part of your meal prep for your diet, remember that there are only 78 calories in hollandaise sauce per ounce. To reduce your prep time, you can even cut your grapefruit in advance. Just make sure you use the fruit within three days of peeling for maximum flavor payoff.

Cooking Instructions

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Ingredients Needed:

  • Metal mixing bowl
  • Cold-pressed olive oil
  • 1 medium-size pink grapefruit
  • Large saucepan
  • Fresh pink grapefruit zest
  • 3 large egg yolks
  • Crushed, cleaned coriander seeds
  • Large Whisk


Start by filling your saucepan to the halfway mark with cold water. Put it on low and allow it to come to a slow boil. Next on your list for your gluten free hollandaise sauce is to take your three large egg yolks and place them into your mixing bowl. Most of the hollandaise sauce calories come from clarified butter and the egg yolk, but in our recipe, we use olive oil instead.  This simple swap reduces the amount of hollandaise sauce calories by at least a third.

Next, take one half of your pink grapefruit and squeeze all of its juice into the bowl with the egg yolks. Take this bowl and then place it on the pot that has the slow boiling water. Make sure the bowl is sitting on the pan rim, not floating in the water. With your whisk, vigorously mix the sauce for 4 minutes or so until it becomes thick.

To improve the hollandaise sauce nutrition profile, we prefer cold-pressed olive oil, but regular olive oil will also suffice. Take the bowl off of the pot and then add 1 tablespoon of olive oil to the mixture. Whisk again until it is fully incorporated. Once it is fully mixed, add another tablespoon of oil while continuously whisking. The sauce should double in size. Add pepper, sea salt or old bay according to your taste. Pair this with a freshly grilled fish for a wonderful summer salmon with hollandaise sauce dinner to remember.