Easy shrimp recipes

Shrimp and prawns can sometimes seem like they have a bad reputation. They are often seen served with calorie-heavy dipping sauces or have been heavily breaded and deep fried. Take away those aspects and you're left with a very healthy, lean, and nutrition-packed food. We'd like to help get rid of the myth that shrimp and prawn are bad for you, so we've been collecting and creating some of the best healthy shrimp recipes and healthy prawn recipes ever. Dive in and learn more about these delicious and nutritious seafoods and how to prepare them.

Why shrimp?

Aside from their rich, buttery taste and pleasing texture, shrimp and prawns also have a host of health benefits. Depending on the size of the shrimp, in a single serving of typical tiger prawn recipes you'll be getting about eighty-five calories, roughly equal to about three ounces of chicken breast. Obviously, jumbo shrimp will have more calories than smaller sizes, but they're still very low in calories compared to beef, for example. Shrimp and prawns are both very high in protein, like most other seafoods. They have about twenty grams of protein in a three ounce serving and have low fat and no carbs, too. Because they're so good for you and contain no carbs, shrimp and prawns have been linked to a decrease in obesity. The lower fat content helps keep cardiovascular health in check. Iodine helps keep the thyroid gland functioning properly, too.

Some key nutrients in shrimp and prawns:

  • selenium
  • vitamin B12
  • phosphorous
  • vitamin D
  • zinc
  • choline
  • copper
  • iodine
  • antioxidants

That's a lot of nutrition in tasty, tiny packages! These powerhouse crustaceans are a great option for adding taste, texture, and good health to your regular menu. A few new shrimp recipes along with your other favorites will go a long way in keeping your taste buds satisfied and your healthier diet on track.

Cooking shrimp

Even from frozen, shrimp and prawns are quick to prepare and easy to cook. Whether bbq, fried, boiled, grilled or any other method, shrimp will cook very fast, so watch out. If you do accidentally overcook them, all is not lost. You can finely chop overcooked shrimp and add them to pasta, soups, and salads. Shrimp and prawns taste great with an Indian curry, dipped in honey, roasted with garlic, dipped with spicy sauces, or served with sweet and savory choices.

Fresh or frozen?

If you can get fresh shrimp and prawns, you're a lucky person! But even living near a shrimp harvesting area you still have to wait for the right season—and doesn't it feel like that season goes by way too fast? With so many delicious ways to enjoy shrimp and prawn, it's a shame when the season ends. However, there's another way to get your shrimp and prawn fix year-round: buy frozen! They're just as tasty, just as easy to work with, and have the same amount of healthy nutrients and protein as their fresh counterparts. The only difference is the convenience of home delivery and Global Seafoods' promise of quality. Can you say the same for your local grocery store or fish market?

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